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Savvy Entrepreneurs Network is designed to

take you step by step in getting clear on your

business goals and objectives… so you can

build and grow a business that you love.

Hi! I’m Michele

My journey as an entrepreneur hasn’t been an easy one, and for that very reason of staying up long nights…being frustrated and overwhelmed with all that I needed to learn to grow my business, is the reason why Savvy Entrepreneur Network was created.

I want to equip you from facing the struggles that I went through…

*Being all over the place.

*Not having a plan or strategy.

*Not knowing who my target customers were.

*Purchasing things out of alignment with the season my business was in.

*Limiting Beliefs holding back my progress

Savvy Entrepreneurs Network is designed to give you the tools you need to build a solid foundation for your business…so you are no longer wasting time, energy or resources…you have a plan of action to execute upon.



Training Modules

I Gotcha Covered!


*Locating Your Target Customer


*Building An Engaged Email List


*Choosing Your Business Model


*Onboarding Your Clients


*Lead-magnet Design




*Encouragement Through Your Journey


*Access To Savvy Entrepreneurs Facebook Group (for help on training modules)


*Monthly Subscription $27.99


*And much more…



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