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Savvypreneurs Resource Library

Free 5 Day Email Course

Here’s what you’ll learn from this  E-course:

  • Create Effective Opt-ins That Gets Signups
  • Learn How To Setup Your Autoresponder
  • Write Effective Email Copy That Your Audience Wants to Read
  • Create Results-Oriented Calls to Actions That Your Audience Clicks
  • Craft Copy for Email Marketing That Doesn’t Feel Salesy

Content creation is an important part of your social media marketing.

Knowing how to create relevant content for your target audience is key download this resource and learn the strategies and tips to get started.


One Page Business Plan Template

To grow your business you need to know where your going, this guide gives you the steps to put a plan in motion.

Download this template with examples to begin putting a plan in place

Email Campaign Checklist

This checklist will assist you when you are creating your welcome emails for each campaign that you are promoting.

Download your email campaign checklist today.

Free Content Marketing Strategy PDF

To grow an engaged audience needs a content marketing strategy in place, download this free PDF and get started on creating a content marketing strategy.

Surefire Strategies For Growing Your Email List

Your email list is the most important component in your business.

As an entrepreneur list building should be a continual process in your business.

Download this free resource and get started today.

Social Media Marketing Tool Kit

Here is a list of  some of my favorite tools I use in my social media marketing on a daily basis.


Grow Your Email Marketing Deluxe Kit

This deluxe email marketing kit will equip you to build an engaged list.

This kit includes:


  • 3 e-guides
  • Worksheets
  • 50 email subject lines
  • email templates

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