Why Email Campaigns Are An Important Part Of

Your Business

Email marketing is an important component of your business and has a higher ROI than any paid market advertising. Today’s Blog will address why email campaigns are an important part of your business.


What Is An Email Campaign

An email campaign is a series of emails sent to your subscribers for a specific purpose to…

  • Build a relationship
  • To Inform and educate
  • To showcase your brand
  • To promote a product/service.

One mistake email marketers make is immediately asking the subscriber to make a purchase as soon as they opt-in.

There are ways to offer a product or service during the initial sign-up process, called a trip-wire.

I’m sure you’ve seen this type of marketing where you opt-in to a free offer and on the next page is a thank you for signing up, but also an offer for you to purchase a low cost item that is a step above the free offer.

Tripwire: a tripwire is an extremely discounted offer that is given after someone opts-in for one of your freebies. 

when a visitor opts-in to your freebie, they are redirected to the sales page of your trip wire. 

The offer is usually a one-time-offer that is only available for a limited time.

Your tripwire needs to be relevant to your freebie offer. Avoid offering something that is unrelated although it’s a low price point will cause a disconnect and you will not accomplish your goal.

Once someone purchases your tripwire offer, you can upsell them through an email sales funnel which leads them to a more expensive offer that provides even more value.

This could be a membership course, group coaching program or a higher level of service that you offer. 

The next first step in building your email campaigns is to do the behind the scences work first.

What is your core offer?

What is a low cost offer you can add as a tripwire? ( your lead-magnet/tripwire/core offer all need to be in alignment)

What will type of lead-magnet will you offer to gain subscribers?

You need to have…

1.welcome email

2. nurture sequence emails that leads to your core offer

Example Tripwire


Email Opt-in
Low Cost Offer Tripwire

Type Of Email Campaigns

  1. Welcome emails
  2. Announcement emails
  3. Testimonial request emails
  4. Nurture Emails
  5. Holiday emails
  6. Cross-selling emails
  7. Upselling emails
  8. Newsletters
  9. Reengagement Emails

The goal in creating email campaigns is choosing the type of campaign that will get you closer to your goals.


Welcome Emails: are sent to the new subscriber to thank them for signing up and to introduce them to your business, and the frequency of how often you will send emails.

Announcement Emails: Announce upcoming products/services, events or sales.

Testimonial Request Emails: These are sent to your subscribers to get feedback (suggestion:use https://jotform.com and create opened-ended questions to get more clarity on their experience)

Nurture Emails: These emails are when you are nurturing your subscribers to purchase a low priced or core offer, (segmenting your subscribers during the initial signup process will help when you are creating nurture emails)

Holiday Emails: There are many holidays that you can send email campaigns to your subscribers besides the typical US holidays here is the site Holidays 2022.

Cross-selling Emails: This type of email campaign promotes related products. If the customer brought a pair of glasses you can cross-sell them on an initial eye-glass case.

Upselling Emails: This type of campaign is where you can offer the next level if a person has brought a stand-alone training, then you may want to upsell them on a membership or mastermind. ( Mcdonalds upsell’s all the time, it’s called Combo Meals)

Newsletter Campaigns: Newsletters provide subscribers with valuable information and help brands build relationships with people. 

Re-engagement Emails: These types of emails are for those subscribers who are inactive and may have lost interest or mass deleted your emails. Don’t just say goodbye to them, re-engage with them to show them how you can bring value (include a poll to find out the type of content they are looking for from you and segment them to send those emails)


Creating Successful Email Campaigns 


  1. Set Your Goals 
  2. How Many Subscribers Do You Want On Your List
  3. How Many Sales Do You Want To Make From Email Marketing Each Quarter
  4. What Products/Services Do You Have In Place To Present Offers
  5. Will You Use Affiliate Marketing
  6. What Email Auto-Responder Will You Use
  7. What Platforms Will You Promote On?
  8. Segment Your List

Email Service Providers

Choose an email service that has a low learning curve, but offers tutorials to get you set-up quickly below are some service providers you can checkout.


Monitor Your Data

The key to effective email marketing is monitoring your campaigns, this is where a/b testing will come in, sometimes the change of a photo or headline will increase your open rates, but you won’t know if you don’t test.

Communicating via email has gotten more sophisticated. You can personalize emails with video and send messages to those who may be on the fence with your product/service.  Below is an example of a video email.

This type of video email can be used to promote a new product or service, to get feedback or to re-engage with your subscriber.

The media I used to create this is Quickpage, and it can be used within any industry to standout from the crowd.

There is a little over a month left in 2021 let 2022 be a year to reach your goals in your business, start now by getting the work done so you can show up strong in 2o22.

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