Keyword Research

Focus on the highlighted area, when you place this tool on your browser and search for a key word, you will see the results of how much this keyword has been searched per month. 18,100 people are looking for ways to lose weight.

If  your industry is health or weight loss related, then this information would be gold for you, because you can now create products around what people are searching for.

With this tool you can also download the CSV file to see what topics you can create based on the number of people who are looking for it.

Now creating content to build your list becomes doable, as well as creating the products that assist in solving your target customers problem.

  • Keyword Search Resources

Here’s a list of keyword tools to get you started some are free and some are paid subscriptions, choose what’s best for your business and rock it out!

I want to thank one of my readers Alicia for sharing a how to guide that she found on Answer The Public to help you get the most out of the platform here’s the link


Lessons I learned About My Business

List building is such an important component in your business, and many entrepreneurs skip this step at the beginning of their business, how do I know? Because I was one of them. 

 One of the key distractions when starting out in this digital space is following coaches or influencers who boast about how to make 5 figures in 30 days, how to 10x your Instagram followers or how to grow & monetize your YouTube channel fast or sell out your online course in 48hrs

The key point is when you sign up for their free resource that boasts of their promise, they are building their list and offering you content on how to achieve those results.

One of the problems is, if you don’t have an engaged list of followers then it will be pretty hard to achieve those results. 

One thing you must be mindful of as a new entrepreneur, don’t buy into someone’s results without having to go through your process to get to your results.

 Everyone’s journey as an entrepreneur is different depending on these factors.

  1. Time Investment
  2. Money Investment
  3. Having a strategy in place
  4. Monitoring data
  5. Consistency
  6. Mindset

Time Investment

Not every entrepreneur has the same amount of time to invest in their business which makes the process take longer if they don’t have the capital to invest to receive quick results.

Money Investment

Having the capital to invest in your business will save you time and open doors for the resources you need in your business and not everyone has the same amount of money to invest to get the results they desire.

Strategies come in many forms:

  1. Marketing
  2. Content
  3. Social Media
  4. SEO
  5. Email Marketing

And the list goes on so you have to know where your focus needs to be when starting out, or you will be all over the place.


How often do you check your social media analytics? How often do you change your tactics/strategy based on those numbers?


Consistency is key when growing your business, just as you are consistent in showing up to a 9-5 you have to be more determined in your business, because you have to hold yourself accountable to get the job done no matter how many hrs it takes to complete it.


This was something I had to overcome If I wanted to see growth in my business, I had to get out of a scarcity mindset (thinking that there wasn’t enough to go around) limiting beliefs had me stuck in believing that I couldn’t achieve the success that others were experiencing in their business.

Once I made a commitment to myself to go forth and stop sabotaging my business, that’s when I had a mindset shift.

When you know what the key factors are surrounding your business, then you won’t waste time trying to skip your process to get to someone else’s results. 

They may show you the process they did to get to that result however, what you don’t know is:

  1. How many times did they have to perfect the process before achieving success
  2. How much money did they invest
  3. Did they work alone or with a team
  4. Did they meet their money goal
  5. Did they spend more than they made

The reason why this is important for you to know this is because it’s very rare for you to achieve success on your first try, you have to measure and tweak until you come up with a repeatable process or system.

And just because it worked for someone in their business doesn’t mean you will achieve the same results in your business. 

Do you ever read the fine print on some of the claims of a site that goes something like this 

(Any reference or income examples of our businesses and/or the examples of others on any of our web pages are exceptional results, which do not apply to the average person and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results)

Example:  If I am new on the scene and I am a life coach I help women 45-60 who are empty-nesters and are in a stage of their lives where they want to start their own business now that their children are grown but don’t know how to get started.

I know I want to connect with these women however, I have not put out any messaging to attract my audience.

If I see a coach or influencer on Youtube, Facebook or Instagram telling me If I download their free resource to make $5000 in the next 30 days, or take this training that will show me how to sell out my online course in 48hrs.

Problem: The problem isn’t with the free resources or even the training, the problem is that I am trying to receive a result without putting key components in place, that would have made their resources more valuable to me.

Working Backwards

What is the first thing that you as an entrepreneur should be doing, when starting out?

  1. Developing or creating the product or service that you know solves a problem for your target audience because you have had success with it yourself.
  2. Creating Free or low-cost opt-ins to build your subscribers list.
  3. Creating email campaigns to nurture your target audience before selling to them.
  4. Creating landing pages and driving traffic to your opt-ins
  5. Sending your subscribers an upcoming promotion that you’re having and creating a webinar around it to give them more information about the product or service you are promoting.

Testing 123

Starting out in this space I did nothing to know if my time online was producing any results because I was not testing or utilizing tools like Google Analytics or Facebook pixel to measure  my traffic or optimizing my website on what needed to be adjusted or 86ed all together.

You need to test what type of emails your subscribers are interested in, sending them surveys and asking them questions. Email marketing is the most cost-efficient way to grow your business and has a higher ROI than running ads.

Testing takes time, growing a business takes time, and many entrepreneurs want to skip the process of learning about their business just to make money.

In one of my podcast interviews I spoke to a successful digital marketing expert Leanna Debellve, who told me how she worked in a chiropractor’s office doing insurance claims for her boss, and he needed help with marketing she didn’t know much about it but learned how to do it for her job, and soon the doctor’s clients were asking her could she help them with their marketing.

From Leanna taking the time to learn a valuable skill set, she now runs her own social media marketing agency. She travels all over the world, London, Sweden, Dubai, and Canada speaking to business owners on how to use social media marketing to grow their business.

It would make good business sense to double down on learning all you can with email marketing because truth be told, you don’t need a large list to make a good income, however, you need an engaged list of loyal subscribers who believe in your brand.

Here’s to creating an awesome email list 😃





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