Creating Lead Magnets

This resource will assist you in the preparation of creating your leadmagnets to grow your audience.

Building An Engaged Email List

Building your email list should be your first priority, I know there’s a saying going around that email is dead, just take a minute to look in your inbox and tell me if that’s true? I’ll wait 😀

Just look at businesses large and small, everytime you go to their website they are asking you to signup on their email list to either receive some sort of incentive, like free shipping or 20% off your first order, this should tell you how important building your email list is.

Take a moment and examine the emails that are sent to you from brands and coaches that you love. Organize your emails into categories. Promotions, Challenges, Optins, Webinars.

You can gain some valuable information from their emails:

  • Headlines
  • Copy (how they word their email)
  • Offers
  • Promotions

Now you have a good idea of what goes into getting your customers attention, I am not saying use their ideas verbatim, but utilize it as a guide when drafting your own emails.

Once you have a clear plan as to what product or service you are creating, then you can begin developing a process to take them through your sales funnel.

Another reason why it’s a good practice to plan out your emails in advance is, you want to continue to keep your brand before your audience, or else they will lose interest and opt-out, you also don’t want them just sitting on your email list.

Research Your Market

Doing a keyword search is vital, performing this task lets you know what your audience is looking for. Here is the link for a blog post tutorial that shows how to use a tool called Keywords Everywhere.

Here is an example of how this tool can help you with creating your leadmagnets based on your keyword search.

Keyword Research

Focus on the highlighted area, when you place this tool on your browser and search for a key word, you will see the results of how much this keyword has been searched per month. 18,100 people are looking for ways to lose weight.

If  your industry is health or weight loss related, then this information would be gold for you, because you can now create products around what people are searching for.

With this tool you can also download the CSV file to see what topics you can create based on the number of people who are looking for it.

Now creating content to build your list becomes doable, as well as creating the products that assist in solving your target customers problem.

Keyword Search Resources

Here’s a list of keyword tools to get you started some are free and some are paid subscriptions, choose what’s best for your business and rock it out!


Creating Lead Magnets

This resource will assist you in the preparation of creating your leadmagnets to grow your audience.

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