How To Build A Quality Email List

If you are ready to build an engaged email list in today’s blog post you will learn “How To Build A Quality Email List.

Building An Engaged Email List

The first step to build a quality email list is to provide quality content for your followers, The goal of creating a quality email list is to convert them into customers, creating a freebie to get opt-ins into your list without thinking it through will cost you in the long run.

You have to think with the end in mind when creating a quality list. If you are creating content on how to grow your Youtube channel but your end goal is to have your followers opt-in to your Youtube course then you are going to create backwards,

Here’s an example of what I mean.

Your end goal is to offer your course, your are going to create that first. This will be the foundational training that will give your customers all the tips, strategies, and hacks to grow their list.

Your course or training can include worksheets or an audio training or even a facebook group.

You don’t have to already have your course created in the sense of a video or audio you can have your first course as a live training in your facebook group.

You can record the sessions and offer this at a premium price at a later date.

When you have a plan then your able to execute on the strategy to creating a quality email list.


Because you’ve done your research you know that your followers have a need in the area of how to build their Youtube platform or whatever platform you are speaking about.

Now you are going to offer free content in the form of a blog post listing key benefits and tips to help them get to the next step in the process of building their platform.

You can include case studies, popular Youtubbers and more to drive your points across.

Share your experiences of how you started, what were the setbacks and the things you did wrong in the beginning.

This is so key when blogging don’t just give the tips but include the areas where the real struggle is.

Tell them how they need to have a plan and stick to it. Tell them how they need to do research. 

Let them know they will be days where things may go left but to keep working towards the main goal.

So the goal is to build a quality email list and now that you’ve started with the end in mind.

1. Create the course or training

2. Create a blog post that gives your followers insight in what they need to know to grow their platform

3. Create a PDF to get subcribers.

Your PDF could be a check list, or guide or stragegy plan or a list of things not to do when creating your YouTube channel.

You can create this at the time you created the training because you are utilizing it to get subscribers into your training and you are pulling out key information and putting it into a document to get signups.

Setting It All Up

The next step in the process is to create the posts you will use on social media that will draw the attention of your followers and anyone who is interested in growing their Youtube channel.

Setup your email auto-responder with the PDF and place the form within your blog post to get signups.

Nuture, Nurture Nurture

The next step is so crucial here is a link to a previous blog post article that will give you more insight when it comes to creating an email campaign.

Your goal is to lead them to your offer only after you have nutured them through your email campaign series.

You should not send your subscribers who have just opted into your list to purchase your offer before nuturing them.

Strategy First

One way to present your offer in the beginning of someone opting into your free PDF is at the thank you page you can have a pop up that says “Training For Growning Your Youtube Channel Fast” If you sign-up with 15 minutes of this offer you will receive this training at the discounted price of $ __ and you state the price.

This may lead to quick sales for those who desire to take action immediately. It works because I have opted in to a number of offers after signing up for a free offer.

Always Have A Plan

The goal to seeing your email list as well as your sales grow is to have a plan. Work backwards and you won’t have to think what to say or what to post, because you created it first.

You are just pulling content from the main product and giving them 1 or 2 solutions but not the entire course or training.

when you see free trainings or webinars it’s to lead you to their offer, but the content they are giving you is already apart of the main product they are just pulling out parts of the content to show you that’s what will give you the solution you need, however if you want the strategy and the how to you have to purchase the course or the training.

I hope this helps and if your unclear then please leave a comment below.

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