Creating Content That Attract Your Tarket Customer

Content is all around us everyday, and when it comes to creating content for your business most entrepreneurs struggle with producing content. Knowing your target customer and the problems they have will give you the means to create compelling content that attracts your ideal customer.

Storytelling is vital in creating content that connects with your audience. Here’s an article on Storytelling to assist you in your content creation efforts. There are many ways you can distribute your content across your social media platforms, such as: audio, video, print, (ebook, newsletter,)

Know your audience don’t just guess at what they like, perform a poll and ask questions, get feedback from those who are in the same industry to glean from their experience. Join masterminds to help you think outside the box and gain new insight into your target customers pain points.

When your target market feels a connection then they will make greater commitments to go deeper with you in the process. Research is key when developing content that will evoke emotions in your potential customers, that’s what marketing is creating an emotion so they will take action.

Listen to today’s podcast and start creating content that attracts your target customer to take action with your products & services.

Creating Content That Connects Your Audience

by Michele Riley

Don’t Get Stuck

There are many ways to create content, you don’t have to stick to only one way of communicating with your audience. Don’t be shy ask them how do they like to consume content and then go and create it for them.

I used to have the mindset that If I asked a question to my audience I would come off as not having the expertize in my industry.

Truth is there is much information stored up in your brain that until a question is asked you wouldn’t make the effort to bring forth the answer, but as soon as someone has a question, your brain says Aha, I have the answer to that, you just needed the information to provide the solution (makes so much sense)😀

I hope you gleaned some tips today to equip you to get on the path of storytelling so you can attract your ideal customer.




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