Knowing when to invest in your business is important so you avoid making costly mistakes.

Know the season that your business is in before purchasing programs, masterminds and boot-camps.

Make well informed decisions so you avoid falling into the FOMO trap (Fear Of Missing Out)

Utilize free and local resources while bootstrapping your business.

  • Book stores
  • Local SBA
  • Free Online Business Resources
  • Find a mentor

Investing in your business will bring the ROI your looking for when you have accessed what the business needs and not what others may say you need.

Know your businesses strength’s and weaknesses and you will be able to make a sound investment that will equip your business in the long run.


[ctt template="3" link="sVfp2" via="yes" ]Knowing what stage your business is in will save you from making bad investments.[/ctt]

Knowing When To Invest In Your Business

by Michele Riley

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