When working with a business coach or mentor, have you become a fan or a student?  As an entrepreneur I had to ask myself this same question, have I placed them as someone that I am star-strucked by or someone who I really need to pay attention to. Have I  learned from them the things they are saying and most importantly the things they are not saying. Sometimes without realizing it you can fan-out over those who are leading you because you admire their, wit, savvy, and their social media  status of whom they’ve worked with (tell the truth 😃). When you’re a fan of someone not only do you admire them, you begin to pick up phrases that they say, you purchase products and attend events. I’m not saying this is a bad thing, but when it comes to you as an entrepreneur you need to know the industry you are serving and what your goals are with having a business coach. Ask Yourself These Questions 1. Have I implemented any of the tools or conference information that I’ve purchased? 2. Do I attend their conferences because it’s the next step I need to level up in my business? 3. Has my experience with my coach helped me to find my own style and brand voice? 4. Have I continued to purchase courses and programs without accessing if it’s the right time & the right season for my business? Being a student of your coach or mentor means that you glean the advice from them that is suited to what industry you’re in.  Some advice given from your coach or mentor may not be suited for your industry. The reason for having a coach is they’re there to guide you through a process, but you have to know what works for your industry and that’s where being a student comes in. Are you staying current with your industry’s trends ? Are you reading books related to your industry?  Have you allowed that one coach to be your go to person? Savvy entrepreneurs know that surrounding themselves with like-minded individuals is the key to success, no one person should have your total attention. (in the multitude of counselors there is safety) A student takes the advice given and sees what works, and what does not work.  The student is adamant about not spending money for another session or conference, because they know the stage in which their business is in. I have heard stories of entrepreneurs who’ve had coaches tell them to perform certain actions, but within their gut they knew at that given moment that action was not viable for their business. This is so important that you know what you’re trying to convey to your audience with your brand message. A coach is there to guide and instruct you, but you have to make the decision to what works for your business. Now if this was a fan, the fan doesn’t take inventory of where they are in their business, they don’t access if what is being said to them is needed at this stage in their business. When you are unclear in your business you can spend a lot of money trying to purchase, webinars, courses, boot-camps. masterminds and attend conferences, in hopes that you will gain clarity. You have to make that assessment, you have to come to a place in your business where you are measuring everything, your social media posts engagement, website traffic engagement, etc… You must ask yourself, have I allowed this person to become a fan, purchasing whenever they have an offer? (that’s definitely not a savvy business mindset, although many of us have done it.) Their are some coaches who will allow you to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars with them, regardless if you are learning or your business is growing.  At some point a coach should say, “I will not go any further with you until you’ve implement what you’ve paid me for ” otherwise I am not the coach for you. At some point you as an entrepreneur should realize when a coach is not working for you and move on. Maybe it’s me but having integrity in business goes a long way, my mission is to equip others to reach their desired goals in their business. I am sure there are some awesome business coaches, who take their business serious, and desire to see their clients scale-up, and for these coaches I celebrate 🎉 you for being a vessel of honor and integrity. Michele Riley
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