Are You Experiencing Burnout As A Solo-Preneur? Being an entrepreneur is such a liberating experience, and there are many reasons why we desire to throw caution to the wind to create and set our own distinctive mark on the world. If truth be told we can crash and burn, so we must take intentional steps to prevent burnout. Many of you started this business as a one man one woman show, some of you may still being working a full or part-time job, which makes you more prone to burnout. Even full-time entrepreneurs experience burnout, because either they are easily distracted or get stuck in to the creative/perfectionism mode. So how do you avoid burnout as a entrepreneur, I’m so glad you asked. Rest: I know this may be a no brainier, but when I stay up long nights working on a project, I am not at my best the next day, I notice I get brain fog, I am more sluggish, and I am not as productive. What I have learned about myself is that when I am pulling a long night to get a project finished, I will schedule the next day low activity, not some meeting with a client or something that is going to exert extra effort for energy that I don’t have. I can use that day to read a book or articles that I have archived for later reading (that we sometimes never seem to get to) Exercise: I am one who doesn’t like to exercise, (there I said it) it takes such energy for me to do it, but I know that when I go for a 15-30 minute walk I can think clearer, I feel revived and I get a flow of creative ideas. Just as you are building your business you have to build your stamina as well to take on the growth of the business. Change of Environment: Changing up your environment is key to your productivity and wellness, think of the many disgruntled desk jockies that have to come to the same place day after day, and year after year, no wonder some of them treat the general public with such an obnoxious attitude, they are stuck in that job. This is the beauty of entrepreneurship, you can pick and choose where you want to work at on any given day, be it at your favorite coffee shop or library, on in your backyard you have freedom of choice. Socialize: It can get really boring being a solopreneur there is no one to interact with during your work day’s or take lunch breaks with, and when we are in isolation we can tend to push the boundaries of our work and never come up for air. Spending time with other entrepreneurs can effect our mindset for the positive, find groups not just online, but find groups in your area where they have networking events or workshops and build and develop relationships with other like-minded individuals so you can steer clear of burnout.   Michele Riley
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