Cost-Effective Business Marketing Strategies for the COVID-19 Recovery

Guest Writer: Carla Lopez

For senior business owners, navigating the COVID-19 pandemic has been especially challenging, as this demographic is particularly vulnerable to the virus. For the past few months, senior entrepreneurs have been running their companies during an economic downturn while trying to protect their health. And if you’ve had to close temporarily, you’ve probably been wondering how to draw your customers back in when it’s safe to shop again. 

Now, recovery efforts are underway, and consumers are feeling more confident when it comes to spending money. These affordable marketing ideas will help you boost your sales numbers as you reopen your business – and you can handle them all without setting foot in your brick-and-mortar space or interacting with customers in person.  

Determine Your Advertising Budget

There’s no denying that money is tight for most businesses right now, and even investing in budget-friendly marketing initiatives will cost you.

If your business is in need of financial assistance, don’t hesitate to seek out help. Many organizations are offering funding or grants to eligible applicants whose businesses have been affected by the pandemic.

In addition to the CARES Act, you may want to research SBA Express Bridge Loans or The Main Street Business Lending Program. 

Locate Your Customers

In order to develop an effective marketing plan, you’ll need to determine where your customers seek out information and how you can easily connect with them.

For instance, are they likely to find your brand on Facebook? Do they often try to reach out to you through email? Or do they visit your website directly for information?

Once you know which websites and platforms your customers frequent, you’ll be able to accurately target your marketing tactics. Resources from entrepreneurial bloggers like Michele Criley can help you streamline your plan. 

Social Media Marketing

Social media isn’t just for young people who want to share photos and life updates! Every small business can benefit from social media marketing, and sharing company content won’t eat into your budget.

You can even pull off projects like recording and editing videos without hiring a professional!

When you have employees running your social media accounts from home, it’s important to emphasize Internet security. It’s all too easy for someone to accidentally post their personal information to a company account!

Make sure that your employees are not sharing their devices with their children, and encourage them to install antivirus software and encrypt their home’s WiFi connection.

Start a Company Blog

By starting a company blog, you’ll be able to share updates with your customers, advertise new products or services, or promote exciting offers and deals.

Entrepreneur recommends posting about two to three times per week to consistently drive traffic to your website, and including links to sales pages in posts when it’s appropriate. 

Email Campaign

Email marketing is one of the easiest ways to get in touch with loyal customers! People who already love your business will want to hear about the latest sales and product launches.

Business.com suggests including a clear email signup form on your website to draw subscribers to your newsletter.

Run a Contest

With your business opening its doors again, this might be the perfect time to run a giveaway contest and offer some freebies to reliable customers!

Running a contest on social media and allowing people to enter by following you will lead to more engagement and higher sales in the future.

Plus, any customer who wins something is likely to come back to shop again!

As a senior entrepreneur, you’ve likely struggled to balance managing your business with maintaining your health since the beginning of the pandemic.

But with these simple marketing strategies, you don’t have to choose. If you invest in a digital marketing plan, you’ll be able to attract new customers without leaving the comfort and safety of your own home. 

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