Creating A Successful Email Campaign

As an entrepreneur, the one thing that you want to deliver to your clients is value. So creating a successful email campaign is important to insure you achieve the objectives of the campaign.

The 1st thing that makes an email campaign successful, is to know whatever  the focus of the campaign is, you know your audience needs it, because you have enough information to provide them with the solutions.

Types Of Email Campaigns

Know the purpose for each type of campaign,

  • Newsletter signups
  • PDF Download (lead magnet)
  • Offer Product or Service
  • Live or Pre-recorded Webinar
  • Podcast Signup
  • Facebook Group

The key to creating a successful email campaign know your target audience needs and pain points. You want to make sure you are highlighting the benefits it will provide to the person.

If you are promoting a launch list the benefits that the person will receive as a result of purchasing that launch, if you want to garner signups to grow your email list, what is it about your content that stands out from your competitors.

Many entrepreneurs shy away from doing their due diligence when it comes to researching what their target audience truly needs, and then they go on to create products and services that no one truly wants. I know this because this is what I did in the beginning.


 No overnight success stories

 One thing about being an entrepreneur is that you have to have patience, don’t get discouraged because no one has signed up for your email list (yet) it will happen, you have to now develop a strategy to get eyeball on your content so they can take action on what it is you have to offer, be it in the form of a product, service, podcast, or newsletter.

 You have to give them a taste upfront of what makes your content king, Create a 1-2 minute video of why they should join your email list, why they should download your PDF, or listen to your weekly podcast. Social media is very noisy and people’s attention spans are very short, I know mine is. 😁

 Think about the emails that you open who are from people that you love their content, go back through their emails and see how they created their campaigns. Did you take action on any of their offerings to join a group, or download a freebie?

 Just as their content has resonated with you, you have to insure that your content is doing the same with your audience. I hear someone saying “well what if I don’t have an audience” , I got you covered. This is where research is going to be gold for you because you will already know what they need because you go on forums like Quora.


Don’t Sleep On The Competition

 Your competitors have already done the research for you follow them and see how they market to their audience, glean the strategies they are using to reach their audience, watch their videos and listen to their podcasts, they can deliver some priceless nuggets if you take the time and do the research.

  Creating a successful email campaign is just the tip of the iceberg, how are you going to further engage with your audience? Knowing how to bring them through your sales funnel is part of the process.

Key Takeaways

  1. Know the objective for the campaign
  2. Include the benefits for the target audience
  3. Research your competitors to glean key tips & strategies
  4. Continue to engage your audience with relevant content
  5. Don’t leave them hanging bring them through your sales funnel once they have invested with you through your free content.

Here is a previous blog post on building an email list from scratch.   Being an entrepreneur is an exciting and at times a frustrating journey, take time and learn from those who are winning in their industry.


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