Creating systems in your business is good business sense, being an entrepreneur isn’t always easy, however when you put systems and processes in place you free up time, energy and resources to focus on other aspects of the business.

Listen to todays podcast and glean the tips to assist you at creating systems for your business.

Why You Need Systems In Your Business

1. Good Time Management

2. Less Stress

3. Increases Motivation

4. Keeps the business organized

5. Gives insight to what’s working and what’s not

6. Prevents signifigant revenue loss

How you approach your business each day should be in a systematic way that lends to moving closer to your current goals and objectives.

When you haphazardly approach you business each day without a specific structure you run the risk of making decisions that have no substance, you have no data to show why the decisions you make are good for the business.

Do your research find which systems are a good fit for your business, try them out you can always change it if it’s not working.

The key point is to have a process in place when it comes to your daily business activities.


Key Systems To Have In Place

Payment Processors: What systems do you have in place when it comes to taking payments? Is it a streamlined process? Is it a system the client is familiar with? Because there is so much identity theft on the rise you want to implement a system that your customers and clients will feel safe with giving you their payment information.

Customer Service: Do you have a system or process in place that deals with an unsatisfied customer? Do you have a policy in place that outlines the terms of service? This is a key component when it comes to doing business, some consumers will see how you handle customer service issues before committing to buy, make sure you have this in place.

Checkout this blog post “Are You Putting Your Business At Risk” to ensure you are taking the steps to set systems in place for your business.


Content Creation: What is the process that you have in place when it comes to content creation, how are you planning out your content? What systems are you using to get you through your process in an easy manner?

Having a repeatable system in place is key to help you with being able to see how to implement strategies to your content so you can gain more traction from your content.

When you just create content on the fly without a process you can be missing out on leveraging the content to garner more engagement. Begin to develop a process that works for your business.

In the event that you outsource or hire, you need and onboarding process to show them a systematic way of doing things so there is little change for error and miscommunication.

Creating systems and processes in your business will equip you to stay on top of the day to day tasks as you grow your business. Checkout this resource list to assist you with tools to grow your business.


Scheduling: What is the process you use when it comes to scheduling your content, or your meeting with clients, or to collaborate with other entrepreneurs?

Having a a system in place will help you tremendously I use Trello for all my content calendar, as well a working with clients it is has a low learning curve and if you get stuck you can go on Youtube where there are hundreds of videos giving you ideas in how to utilize it for your business.

Whatever system you use make sure it works for you and your business so you can become more organized and efficient.

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