How To Create Powerful  Lead Magnets That Get Subscribers

The key to having an engaged email list of subscribers is to create lead magnets that get results and into today’s blog post I’m going to show you how to create a powerful lead magnet that will get subscribers on your email list.

Today we are going to be researching some lead magnets and to see what are some key components in creating a lead magnet as well as things you should not be doing.

In my opinion creating a lead magnet goes beyond just creating a piece of content just to get a subscriber, there is a lot more that goes into it than that.

First Things First

What is your goal? Be very specific here what is the end goal that the lead magnet is to perform. 


  1. Invite your subscribers to join your facebook group
  2. Offer them a membership course
  3. Have them sign-up for a free workshop
  4. Have them subscribe to your Youtube Channel
  5. Have them become subscribers to your podcast or blog

When you have a goal then you know the reason for what the lead-magnet is to perform so you can begin to plan out your campaign based around the goal you want to achieve, your lead-magnet is just one component of your campaign.

There are many lead-magnets you can create, they can be in the form of …

  1. Audio (podcast)
  2. Video
  3. White Paper
  4. Discount Offer
  5. 1 part of a course or membership that you offer
  6. The first chapter of your book 
  7. Swipe Files
  8. Case Studies
  9. Free Consultation
  10. Community-Building Lead Magnet are places where entrepreneurs can communicate with their group members and offer free training or tutorials for being a group member.


The reason why entrepreneurs refer to lead-magnets as CTA, (call to action) is because the content that you are giving away should be something that your audience or followers are looking for.

You are calling your followers to take action on your offers, because you’ve researched what they need help with and you’ve created 1 or 2 solutions in the form of free content whether it is in audio, video, or written form.

Creating content as lead magnets will not garner signups if what you are offering is not what your audience needs. This is why research is key in knowing what type of content your audience is looking for.

Don’t Lose Them Once their On Your List

Getting signups and just leaving them there is the reason why many entrepreneurs get low to no open rates when they do send out an email blast. This is why having an email marketing campaign is crucial to see your email open rates remain steady. 

Another key tip is if your subscriber opted in for your 5 ways to increase their following on instagram and now your in their inbox trying to offer them your mastermind course on growing their Youtube channel, you’ve just created a disconnect with them. 

Their reason for the download is they needed help with their instagram account and you should remain in that vein or send them an email asking them what other challenges they are encountering on instagram and create a training or ebook for a nominal price.

Your goal as an entrepreneur is not to push what you’re selling, but find out where your audience is struggling and create those solutions for them. 

The Components Of A Good Lead Magnet

What makes for a powerful lead magnet is..

  1. It’s what your audience is struggling with
  2. It’ solves their immediate problems within a few tasks to implement

Sidebar: A key tip about a lead magnet is it should offer a solution within a short time frame, your subscribers are looking for quick and easy to implement solutions not something long term that may take months to achieve.

When you have a course or a training that takes them deeper into the subject matter this is something you can offer through your nurture sequence because it is more of a time-commitment and you need to know where your subscribers are at in their buying cycle.

Are they just looking for a quick solution, are they willing to make the commitment to purchase your course or join your membership. You can find out these things by offering them to join your Facebook group where you can poll your members to see how many are interested in purchasing your training or joining your mastermind. 

You can also do this through nurturing them on your email list, finding out where they are in the buying stage lets you know when it’s  the time to present your offer.

Below is a pop-up form on a hair care website, make sure when creating offers that you state what type of offers you will give.  Your subscribers inboxes are already filled with offers from other companies.

Will it be a 20% -50 % discount or will it be a special incentive for those who sign-up to get special holiday pricing.

Will it be a free trial or a low entry offer for those who opt-in with a certain time period. Creating scarcity in your offers, helps to move those along the decision making process before the incentive expires.

Does your call to action bring awareness to your potential subscribers problem? Does it offer the solution they are searching for? Avoid using tactics to bait them with a seemingly valuable offer only for them to be disappointed with the content.

Ensure that the offer is what you are stating they will achieve by downloading, listening or viewing your call to action.

Be specific in what your offer entails in exchange for their email address this will aid in  low unsubscribes and increase open rates. 

Create headlines that capture attention with bold fonts and colors.

State the reason why your potential prospect should opt-in to your free offer. 

  • What’s the why? 
  • Why should they opt-in?
  • What benefit will they receive?
  • What is the value of the offer?
  • What will be the situation if they pass up the offer?

This next call to action addresses some of the Why’s stated above

12 Proven way to convert visitors into subscribers, so it would be a great benefit for entrepreneurs who have a website and are not converting visitors to opt-in to this offer.

This call to action copy goes into giving statistical information of visitors never returning to a website.

This call to action gives the incentive of the subscriber to learn how to unlock the highest conversion revenue from each website visitor.

This is key to an entrepreneur whose main goal is to increase revenue through converting visitors into high pay customers.

Tripwire Offers

A great practice to implement in most of your offers is a tripwire offer, when a subscriber signs up you send them to a thank you page that has a low cost offer of the same type of content but with more added value at a low price. 

The offer can be in the form of an e-book or video training, this is giving those who want to go deeper in the content instead of a checklist, swipe file or pdf.

Remember the goal is not to offer them something out of alignment with what they opted-in for but to stay within the topic of the content they opted in for.


Your followers opted in for a free PDF to show them how to grow their instagram followers.

Your tripwire offer or Upsell offer could be a 1-2hr training on learning how to get engagement and customers by going live and promoting your products that get sales.

Once they purchased your Upsell offer you will have created your email nurture sequence for subscribers who opted in for the pdf and an email sequence for those who already purchased your upsell.

This is a great way of making a sale while gaining a new subscriber who knows that instagram is the platform where they want to build their audience.

For your new customers you can and should have a Facebook group already created for them based on the training you have provided them so they can ask questions and you can create future training around the platform when new things are added.

My goal is to equip you with the tools that will assist you in meeting your business goals and objectives and if you want to learn more about creating lead magnets that convert sign-up below to receive a free training that is apart of a monthly membership called Entrepreneur’s Roadmap.

Much success as you reach your business goals and objectives.

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