4 Powerful Tips  For Creating A Morning

Routine To Increase Productivity


If you desire to increase the productivity in your business you are going to have to create a routine that gets you to your desired goals. Over the 3 weeks I am going to be sharing how you can create a morning routine to increase productivity in your business.

Let’s get started.


Getting Organized

In order to increase the productivity in your business you must be organized. When you see high level six and seven figure entrepreneurs, it’s because they have created a system that increases their productivity and that doesn’t mean that they have to work more hours to achieve that level of productivity.

Some entrepreneurs begin their day at 5am, they workout or they read some type of material to sharpen their skill set.

Do you have a workspace that lends to productivity? One way of decreased productivity is having an unorganized space, notice I didn’t say office space. Because you don’t need to have an office space to be productive, however wherever that space is make it feel inviting for you to get to work.

Create an atmosphere for productivity. Do you like candles, soft music, energetic or classical music, what scents lend to you being productive. I love the smell of coffee. It puts me in the mood to get to work. They even have candles in many scents that can assist you with staying productive.

Creating A Schedule

The step in increasing your productivity is to organize your schedule. What are the times of the day that you are most productive?

 I know this article is about creating a morning routine, but if your energy and creativity kicks in, in the evening then organize your schedule around those times.

The key to increased productivity is finding when your energy levels and focus are operating at optimal levels so you can get the most out of your day.

You can work anywhere between 2-4 hrs and get more done when you have a routine that works for you than spending 8-9 hour days with busy work and nothing of significance being accomplished.


Eating Healthy 

It’s no surprise that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. What you eat for breakfast will also determine your energy levels for the rest of your day: whether you’re alert to your workday, whether you stay focused and if you sleep soundly.


Creating A Morning Routine

In order for your routine to become a habit you have to stick to the routine until it Going to bed early can help you get a good night’s rest so you’re prepared for your day.

*Wake Up early (set the alarm clock away from the bed so your not tempted to pause it and stay in bed)

*Drink water (having a glass or bottle of work gets you moving and helps with keeping you hydrated)

*Having Breakfast (smoothie, or something light but filling so your energy levels stay high)

What a morning routine creates is a space where there is inspiration and creativity. A morning routine can produce confidence because there is a sense of order and things fall into place. 

A good morning routine for you does not have to be complicated. It is basically simple and contains a few simple steps that you must follow.

The morning routine can be the greatest thing when it comes to creating a positive atmosphere whether you work from home or at the office it gives a feeling of security, and order. When you are in a perfect environment, everything that happens becomes automatic.

5 Elements of a Productive Morning

  1. Plan your morning the night before
  2. Listen to a motivational podcast in the morning
  3. Journal (what are you grateful for)
  4. Read a chapter of a book (for inspiration)
  5. Go for a walk

I hope these tips have helped you so you can organize your schedule to accomplish the goals you desire and it becomes like clockwork. 

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