How To Optimize Your Content Workflow

Everyone’s content workflow is different, but there are some pieces of good advice that could apply to almost anyone who wants to optimize their content for the web. In today’s blog post I am going to share some tips that will equip you to create a workflow  for better results.

Consistency Is Key

1.) Decide on how often you’ll post and stick with the plan. 

2) Quality over quantity. It’s better to publish less than more. 

3) Be consistent in content type. 

Not only does this help your readers know when to expect new content in your niche, but it also creates the opportunity for you to work in a kind of frequency with your topic.

 4) Choose a niche. Narrowing down your content to a specific topic allows you to become an expert in that topic, and may also make content creation faster and more efficient


3 Things Your Content Should Be Doing

Another way to optimize your content workflow is to make sure your content is speaking to these 3 points.

  1. Awareness (does your content bring awareness to who you are and what you do as the expert in your niche?)
  2. Grow your list ( are you creating calls to actions so you can grow your email list?)
  3. Promote your offers ( creating content around your offers is a great way to bring clarity as well as the features and benefits of what your product or service offers.)

What Your Workflow Should Do?

Your workflow is simply a process that gathers all the tasks that you need to perform to bring your content to its completion. It doesn’t matter if it’s a blog post, video, or podcast what are the tasks you need to perform each time you create content.

For instance if you are doing a blog post on the topic of “Vegan Lifestyle For Beginners” 

  1. Research the title or headline (research what people are looking for and include those key words in the title)
  2. Search for images that are related to the topic. (Unsplash,Pexels)
  3. Create a guide, e-book, checklist, shopping list, as a call to action to grow your email list
  4. Create an email campaign around the call to action.
  5.  Track analytics on your website and social media platforms,(install facebook pixel, google analytics, tracking apps)

Visit the view the video below for a presentation on how to set up your workflows.



Create A Spreadsheet

It just makes good business sense to track your content so you can optimize your content workflows to perform for you. Click the link to download a copy of my worksheet and customize it to fit your business. 

A spreadsheet will assist you in looking at the type of content that you create the most as well as the call to actions that you have in place and how well that type of content is performing.

This is why it is important to track what you do across your social media platforms as well as on your website. If the content that you are creating is not getting feedback or traffic, run your content through these checkpoints.

  1. Does it solve a problem?
  2. Does it show how to implement a task?
  3. Is the content easy for your audience to understand?
  4. Do you give examples of how to do it?
  5. Is the content relevant to what your audience is searching for?

When you know the struggles your audience has, then you create the type of content that will help them with 1 component of that struggle and then you can lead them into any paid training or courses if they want to go further in the transformation.


  1. If I have a shopping checklist for someone who wants to lose 10lbs within a week I could use that as a call to action.
  2. Then I would create an email campaign around that call to action that would include..
  3. Welcome letter (telling them about what I do and who I help and how many times they can expect an email from me.
  4. Then I would follow up a day or 2 later to see if they put the call to action to use and ask them if they have any questions.
  5. I would send out a poll to get a better understanding of how I can help them reach their goals.
  6. I would send another email scheduled out on the 4th or 5th day with some type of bonus gift for them being on my list.
  7. I would schedule out a blog post or video I created that would further assist them.
  8. Then I would send them a promotional email based on the information I received from them as well as the tracking data that I have installed on my site. This promotion would be a course or membership that I created that would give them a complete transformation if they implement the tasks.

Your content workflow doesn’t have to be overwhelming, however it should hit all the key points that you want your visitor to take from your content, as well as help you increase your email subscribers turning them into paying customers.

I hope this helps and if you have any questions or comments leave them below.

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