How To Protect Your Business From Liability


How to protect your business from liability is the topic I discussed In this podcast  with Gary Sutton Of Sutton Law and he shared various way an entrepreneur can put structures in place to protect their business from liability.

You can listen to the interview below and download the show notes to follow the information to reach out to Mr. Sutton.



Protecting Your Business From Liabilities

by Garrett Sutton Esq

Liability Protection

As an entrepreneur it is of the uptmost importance to structure your business in the beginning so you don’t run the risk of losing your personal assets in the case of a law suit.

Sit down with those at your local SBA and find out how you can begin the process of putting protection in place for your business.

Key Tips

#1 choose states like Nevada, Texas, & Wyoming to form an LLC, they have low cost rates and you will be considered the employee of your LLC although it was formed in another state.

This can save you money and places protection around your business visit and learn more about how to begin the process of protecting your business from liability.

#2 Beware of online legal services that offer to setup your legal structure for a low cost.  Know in advance the componets that go into setting up an LLC, not doing your due dilligence can cost you more money in the long run.

Find a reputable company with a solid track record before putting any money out. As an entrepreneur you’ve invested a lot of time, money and energy into your business…invest in the tools to protect it as well.

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I learned so much from Garret Sutton’s interview and I hope you picked up some great tips to help you move forward in your business as well.  Here’s the Show Notes so you follow him on social media.

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