Podcast Highlights

  • Mindset is key to suceeding in your business.
  • What’s the reason someone should buy form you
  • Get into a small group with 5-10 entrepreneurs to encourage each other along the journey.

Link to guest site: Leanna Debellville


Michele : (00:06)

I Have a special guest today and her name is Leanna, the Bellevue. Am I saying that right?


Leanna: (00:11)

You said it perfectly


Leanna: (00:12)

right. So I’m going to introduce Lee Anna to you and we’re going to get into this podcast because I believe she has a lot of value to give us entrepreneurs to help us in our business. So let me go ahead and let you know all of our accomplishments. So Leanna de Bellevue is a global marketing agency owner, a social media strategist and co author of the Amazon international bestseller Light At The End Of The Funnel, a practical guide for business owners who are ready to step into success. 


Leanna has helped clients from over 19 countries generate millions of dollars in sales using social media to connect and engage with their target markets. The company she has worked with range from global conglomerates to real estate moguls, moguls, and in individual business owners looking to reach new and untapped markets.


 Leanna has spoken in front of thousands of entrepreneurs, business leaders and decision makers from over 13 countries on topics ranging from overcoming success blockers to implementing social media strategies and business growth. Hacks. She has written for HuffPost and was a guest speaker on podcasts by our heart radio real estate and health coach Academy amongst several others. And Leanna also has a degree in psychology in is one of her secrets to success.

So I want to welcome you Savvypreneur podcast. How are you today?

Leanna: (01:36)

I am fantastic. Thank you for allowing me to speak to your audience.


Michele : (01:39)

Oh, I no, I thank you, so this is so impressive and it’s so encouraging. Like, let my audience know. How did you even get started in this business and what does your business entail?

Leanna: (01:52)

Great question. So if you had told me 10 years ago that I would be running a marketing agency, I probably would’ve laughed, right? I was in a very different industry. , I did corporate for quite a long time.

I worked for an insurance agency. I’ve worked in the healthcare field, a chiropractic, a lot of holistic medicines and things like that. And I fell into marketing, the job that I was in was chiropractic and insurance changes happened and we went from making a lot of money to not very, you know, very large amounts at all overnight almost. And the doctor called me and said,

Hey, I need some help with marketing. I think you’d be good at it. And I loved the place that I worked. I knew that we were doing amazing things and I wanted to help. So I didn’t have the, I guess the, the sense to say maybe you should get a professional.

Leanna: (02:43)

I was like, sure, I’ll do it. No problem. What do you need? And, uh, we had zero budget, which I think is something that most entrepreneurs can understand, right? literally my budget was $50 a month, a month, not like, you know, a day, not, not a week. and, so I had to get pretty creative and I started playing around in social media cause I knew it was free. I literally Googled free marketing.

Right. That’s, that tells you my skillset, right? It was me and Google in it together. And, so I, I started playing on Facebook. It’s when they still had fan pages and I noticed more and more people would call us up to schedule appointments to do massage. Should you ask us to come to setup to events and things along those lines, and we’d always ask, where’d you hear about us?

Leanna: (03:35)

Oh, I found you on Facebook. Oh, I saw you on LinkedIn. Oh, I saw you on Twitter. And in two years, our business grew, exponentially doubled our space. We caught on, I think we quadrupled our staff size. It just was amazing growth.

And even though we had grown, my budget still I think was like around $50. You know, like once I figured out that I could do it with that budget, we kind of locked in there. So, it was amazing to see the growth.

And he called me into his office and he said, you know, I think you have what it takes. I think you should go do this on your own. And, again didn’t have enough common sense to say, no, I think I should stick with my nine to five every two week paycheck job. And I said okay. And I put my name out there.


Leanna: (04:24)

I had people in the local community who had seen what I’d done, hired me on, and then word of mouth, you know, it turned into, Oh I’m, I heard about you through this person, through that person, through this person. Next thing I know I got a call from Canada and then London and Sweden and Dubai and work in LA. And so what I was doing as my, you know, my little side job, I turned into an international agency.

So now we help people all over the world get in touch with their social media or with their audience on social media. So again, nothing I planned on ever doing but have been lucky enough at this point. We started in 2011 so we are finishing up our eighth year of a successful agency.


Michele : (05:16)

That’s, that’s awesome. Now I want to speak to some key things that you said in there. And I know this will help a lot of entrepreneurs because as you were talking about the progression, like what was it like?

Like when you putting yourself out there and you’re saying like, I only have this, you know, $50 a month budget, which I’m sure a lot of us entrepreneurs who are maybe even three years, five years in their business still is, you know, struggling.

So what is like what at what point in your business did you have that like light bulb moment to say, wait a minute, I have to have some type of plan and I have to have my mindset in a certain place instead of doing things in a haphazard way. Like, like what was that progression like?


Leanna: (06:01)

you know, I, I do a lot of podcasts, I do a lot of interviews and I don’t know if anyone’s ever asked me that question and it might be one of the best questions that I’ve ever been asked because it was a pivotal time in our business once I realized that this wasn’t going to be a fluke. I think so many people, entrepreneurs are following their passion and their gifts, but sometimes following that feels scary, right? You’re like, I don’t know.

You know, is this what I’m supposed to be doing? You know, how, how can I ask to get paid to do something that I’m gifted in or that doesn’t feel hard? Things along those lines.

Once I realized that this was getting bigger than I was comfortable with me doing all my own right, I knew I needed help. I knew I needed to outsource.


Leanna: (06:52)

Um, the last thing I need to be doing is, is the accounting part of it. That’s not my, you know, that’s not my area of expertise.

So I knew I needed help in that area. I knew I needed help creating content. I knew I needed help responding to emails and booking out my schedule. And once I realized that I wanted to take this to the next level, I had a hard conversation with myself.

I wasn’t prepared for the next level. So I sat down and I wrote down my goals and then I wrote down, what is it going to take to get there? Yes. And it was a very hard, honest look at where I was deficient. And once I highlighted those, it wasn’t to tear myself down or to give my reasons why I couldn’t do it. It was to show me what I needed to begin to delve deeper into so that I was ready.


Leanna: (07:51)

Because once you start employing people, your paying someone else’s mortgage, you’re paying someone else’s light bills, you’re paying for their kids to do soccer. I can’t take a risk of not being able to provide that for someone else.

So it was really about being honest with myself with what do I want my company to look like? Yes. If I always just want this to be my side hustle, that’s fine. I can stay at this level. If I genuinely want to be able to, you know, make this amount of money or provide this for, you know, this type of lifestyle for my family, then this is what it’s going to take. And it’s a really hard conversation. But once you identify it, the steps, the next right step becomes very clear and becomes very easy.


Michele : (08:43)

Exactly. And that I so much agree with that because it is to me, like you said, there’s some mindset shift. You have to take that time to dial back down and really look within yourself as far as know what are you creating and you know, and why are you creating.

So the next question I want to ask you as far as you know, with entrepreneurs that I see in entrepreneurs that I’m trying to help myself is there is this pushback of I know I’m gifted in this area. I know this is my passion and um, it’s like they eat, you know, eating, sleeping, you know, but when it comes to not putting themselves out there on social media, they have this like kind of drawback to say, well, wait a minute. It’s a saturated place.

Everybody else is doing it. Some people are doing that on a level that I don’t even believe that I can do it on. So what, what am I going to say? Speak to people. And I really have no social proof for anybody to even believe that what I’m doing, I’m good at.


Leanna: (09:43)

Right. Great question. Because I think every entrepreneur starting out, it doesn’t matter what level you are now has faced that. Who am I? You know there are people that are going to, there’s agency owners making billions of dollars every year. That’s not where I’m at and it’s not where I’m going and I’m okay with that.

So the comparison monster is strong, especially when you’re doing something you’re gifted at because it doesn’t feel hard. Yeah. So things like imposter syndrome set in, or who am I and to recognize that when you are feeling that everything goes back to mindset. Everything goes back to mindset. You’re looking at it from scarcity, right?

There’s not enough, there’s not, I don’t have enough social proof. Okay, that’s an awesome point. Go give your services out to a select group of people that you know are going to be very vocal, right? Be up front with them.


Leanna: (10:42)

Hey, I don’t, this is my dream. This is my passion. This is what I want to do. I need some social proof. If I, if I gift you my service, will you gift me your testimonial? Right? Right. And then you have social proof.

Be very selective with who you give your gift out to because they can become the microphone that you are not. So don’t look at it from a scarcity. It’s not. It’s not who am I to do this? Who are you not to do this? Exactly how many people are waiting for you to step up and walk through the hard stuff.

Walk through the awkwardness. I hate hate being on video sometimes, right? Because I’m like, Oh, does my makeup look okay? Oh, what does that strand of hair, what is this? Right? What does that, Oh, what was I thinking wearing that outfit.


Leanna: (11:38)

I am so critical of myself that I’ve never had anyone say, gosh, I loved your message with that shirt. Really?

So we get so stuck in our own head that if we look at it as, let me walk through the hard stuff so that the people who are searching for me and find me, whether that’s a social media company, whether that’s doTERRA oil, like whatever it is that you want to do, right?

Think about the people who are laying in bed at night praying for an answer and that answer is going to be delivered through you. Stop making it about you.


Michele : (12:20)

That’s right. Right. And I so agree. Now my next question is that I wanted to ask because it’s like when I’m, when I’m doing certain things and I’m seeing like feedback and I’ll have, you know, certain people will say, well

I’m putting ’em on my platforms. Maybe it’s, you know, Facebook, maybe it’s Instagram and I’m putting out content and like you say, I’m on this small budget, maybe $50, maybe even less than $50 but I’m not getting any organic reach.

I’m believing that, you know, it’s like I’m trying so hard and they know that their content is good because you have people, you know, maybe random people saying, wow, you have good content, but it’s not getting the reach that they need to, you know, get in order to build a business. So how do you speak to them in that regard?


Leanna: (13:08)

You know, unfortunately Facebook is a business in it to make money, can’t fault them for that. They provide so much value to businesses because they’re allowing you to get in front of hundreds of thousands, potentially millions of your potential clients, your perfect clients, right?

So, you know, people get really upset and they’re like, I don’t get any organic reach. Things like that. And I would challenge you if you’re not getting in front of your audience, your content might be great, but are you asking them to do a specific thing? Yes. Answer this question.

Give us feedback. Share like tweet, repost. So many times content is great content, but it doesn’t ask them to do anything, right? So you have to say, you know, here’s what we think about. what are three things that all entrepreneurs struggle with? Entrepreneurs, let us know, what is your biggest struggle?


Leanna: (14:13)

And we’ll address it in a followup post. You know, what are two things that you think all entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs starting out should know, right?

Ask them for an engagement. Ask them to do something. Here’s what we believe all entrepreneurs should do in the first 30 days of business, right?

Share this message with an entrepreneur that you know, so if you give people specific tasks that are very, short and concise, they will do it. So, and to be honest, when I first started out, not gonna lie, I had every girl in the office, I said, Hey,

I just, I just posted something. I need you to go in there and share it for me, right? Use your, use your team of supporters until organic starts picking up on its own. Call your mom, call your sister, call your grandma, call your aunt and be like, no, I need you.


Leanna: (15:12)

Can you just share this for me? You know, until, until I get in front of people I need to, my cheering section. Yes. Will you support me in this way? Unfortunately, sometimes people don’t want to support, you know, like if you’re selling something that can be considered an MLM, right?

Network marketing people don’t want to support that. I get it, fine, everybody’s got their own thing. But can those people share? Can those people like, you know, and sometimes it’s just an honest conversation, Hey, I’m really struggling to grow this. I need the algorithms to be in my favor like the posts, you know, can you, can you share it?

And if you get specific, request, nine times out of 10 people want to help. Everybody wants to help each other, especially if you’re talking to other entrepreneurs because they know the struggle. They know what it’s like to get excited when you open your Facebook and you’ve got five shares and you’re like, Oh my gosh, that’s awesome.

Right? So surround yourself with people who understand what you’re trying to do and serve each other. I’m to, I’m going to support you. I’m going to be your loudest cheerleader. Will you be a cheerleader for me? That doesn’t cost anything.


Michele : (16:32)

That’s so true. And I think that we have to get out of, like you say, it goes back to mindset issue about sometimes we get afraid to ask people because we’re thinking they’re going to say no or we’re going to be judged based on, well our and it’s all our own, you know, self chatter. It’s not coming from the outside. It’s basically within us.

And I believe that we as entrepreneurs, we have to get to the place of where we sometimes journal. I always suggest journaling and getting all of that out of you. So when you go ahead just crush it and just do it regardless of what you see come back, then you can always go back and tweak it. Exactly.

So I think that is, you know, so key. So what would you would say for like an entrepreneur that’s just starting out, they’re kind of not really posting too much on, you know, their platforms because they’re still kind of not wanting to put themselves out there.

What are three things that you say they need to be focused on in their business before they really put themselves out?


Leanna: (17:33)

Perfect question. First thing, you have to know who you serve. I work with so many clients. I go, who’s your target? And they go, anyone who write hairdresser, who’s your target? Anyone who has hair? Okay, so if I bring you a hundred homeless people, are you gonna cut their hair? Wait, no. Like they need to paint. Okay.

Then they get specific. Create specific people that you’re talking to figure out in your head. Where do they shop? What do they like to hear? What kind of music do they listen to? Think about the perfect person. And, and that’s number one.

You have to know who you’re talking to because if you don’t have a specific person that you’re talking to, your message is not going to reach anyone.

First thing, second thing, figure out what problem do you solve better than anyone else. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling the same thing that everybody else is selling.


Leanna: (18:31)

There’s gotta be a reason why someone should buy from you.

Figure out that reason and own it. know, in your soul. This is why you need to buy apples from me when they’re 400 other people buy apples from right. Cause all the apples are the same. They all come from the same place.

What is the one reason why you need to do that? And the third thing that you have to do if you’re ever going to be successful ever is find gratitude. Yes. You talked about journaling. Every single morning I get up and I start in gratitude. It changes your entire day. Yes, yes. And it’s a mindset. Again, check your mindset.

Check your mindset. Check your mindset. If you’re around people, if something about your business does not feel in alignment with you, right? Don’t do it. I don’t care who told you this way.

It doesn’t matter if the number, you know, I can tell you how to get your email list of 10,000 is not in alignment with you. It doesn’t matter if you do it, it’s not going to work. And that all starts with mindset. Going back to doing what you know. If you’re walking in your purpose, you will know the right way. The path will present itself. So don’t ever do anything that you’re not supposed to be doing no matter who tells you to do it.


Michele : (20:02)

That resonated with me so much because I was that that person where I was listening to certain people and they was like, no, you got to do it this way. And when it didn’t work out, I’m like, well what am I doing wrong? And you know, I’m flustered and frustrated and I was just all over the place and, and I had to take a mini sabbatical. Now what?

Maybe you just speak to this because I think sometimes entrepreneurs feel like, well, if I’m removing myself from social media, then I’m going to hurt myself. But I felt for me, I had to remove myself from social media because I had to basically say, why am I doing it? What am I in it for? And you know, really what, what is it my passion, what am I doing this for? And I had to come up with, I love to help people.

That was the, regardless of what the business was, I love to help people. And when I realized it translated over into teaching them, then it was like, okay, now what do you love to do? And I love to research.

So those things kind of went hand in hand. So speak to entrepreneurs that you know may need to come and dial back down, maybe be moved themselves for a period of time to get back out there.


Leanna: (21:10)

Right, and it’s true. Social media, look, I own an agency. I do this for a living. I promise you, the only thing you’re seeing on social media are people’s highlight reels. You are seeing someone say, we had a six figure launch on the backend. They spent $50,000 in their marketing budget. You know what I mean?

They’re not going to tell you that. They’re going to tell you I had a six figure launch in three days. Right? Okay, well what? Or maybe they say we had a six figure launch and they’re actually in the negative because they spent more on their ad budget than they brought in.

They brought in 100,000 they spent 150 so understand that sometimes you do need to take a step back, regroup, go back to those three things that I just mentioned. Who do you serve, why do you serve them and how can you provide that in a way that’s authentic to yourself and regroup as your business grows and changes?


Leanna: (22:18)

My business is unrecognizable from when I started in 2011 we’ve been through two name changes, the two rebrands and who we serve as someone completely different than when we started and that’s fine because there are certain times when I, I had to step back and reevaluate and sometimes you do that reevaluation and you figure, Oh yeah, no, I am on the right path. I’m going to continue down it.

Other times you’d go, wait a second, something’s something’s off and a lot of times once you take a step back from that social media and get quiet, that’s when you know the answer. Like you said, you took a step back, you realize you help, you enjoyed helping people, you enjoyed the research aspect, you enjoy teaching. If you just saw everyone’s highlight reels in front of you all day, every day, if you’re inundated with all these people that are crushing it, when do you have time to here from yourself? What’s in alignment with you? Yes.

You know, and once you figure that out, everything just opens up. Absolutely wanting twenty four, seven doors will open that you thought were permanently shut. Yeah.

Opportunities will present itself and it’s because it makes sense with what you’re doing. Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely.


Michele : (23:42)

Absolutely. I totally agree with that. Now, if you wants to walk, let’s say an entrepreneur through their day from the beginning, and I mean it doesn’t have to people the entire day, but what is the, what is the most part, what they should be focused on, especially when it comes to like marketing activities?

Like should they be doing marketing activities every day, maybe once out of the week. So what would that look like for them to have some type of focus? When I get up, this is what I should be doing.


Leanna: (24:09)

Great question. So I create, I have all of our clients create a marketing pie, which means it should be several different sections of marketing that worked for you. Right? so it could be, I’m sorry, I’ve got something to turn it off. we have, maybe it’s your referral network, maybe it’s new networking, maybe it’s social media.

We always have tell people that if you diversify your marketing, when one slows down, another one picks up and it always continues, right?

There’s growth there and it’s not putting all your eggs in one basket. So we ask our clients to diversify their marketing into at least four or five different things.


Michele : (25:00)

Now, can you give me some examples of that?


Leanna: (25:02)

Sure, sure. So networking is one, right? Who do you network with? Do you go to a local networking group? Do you have online networking groups? where did you get your clients? So I always think of my top five clients.

Where did they come from? How did they hear from me? three out of the five came from referrals from my current clients.

So what do I do to help my clients promote me? Right? So maybe I send them a thank you gift, maybe send them a card, maybe I send them a newsletter that says, Hey, this is who I’m looking for.

Or personalized email. Hey, I’m looking for more people like you. You’re my ideal client. Who do you know who, right? It’s the who do you know who gain? Right? So ours are personally is, obviously social media. That’s what, that’s just a sliver of it.


Leanna: (26:01)

Then we have our power referral partners. We have, website developers that make sense. It’s not what we do, but we’re often going after the same client, right? So I spent, so that’s one of my pie pieces, right? we have a newsletter that’s one of my pie pieces. So there’s eight pieces of our pie and every day

I pick one section of that pie and work on it. So, that makes sure that nothing falls between the cracks. It helps you kind of understand that everything needs a little bit of attention.

Don’t saturate yourself in all one place and it keeps it, it keeps it light. It doesn’t feel like, Oh, I’ve got to do social media again. I don’t want to go to this networking.

Look, I’m going to tell you I’m going to be 100% honest with you. I networking is not my most favorite thing.


Leanna: (27:03)

I’m an introvert. I may not. No one ever believes me. Everyone thinks I’m an extrovert. I’m very much an introvert. I hate walking into a room with people that I don’t know, but it’s a mindset thing. If I don’t walk into that room, I’m not going to meet the people I need to meet to help them.

People I need to help me get out of my own way. I’m looking to help people. That’s the bottom line. And once you start thinking about the person that you’re going to help, it’s easy to walk through those doors.

You know? And again, it’s one, it’s one slice of my marketing pie. It’s not everything, so I don’t have to do it all the time and it gets easier. You know, once you start acclimating to the group, then it becomes, Oh, it’s no big deal. Right.

But diversify your marketing and, and enough and spend at least one hour. It doesn’t have to be all day, every day. Spend an hour doing one marketing thing per day and you’ll have exponential results guaranteed.


Michele : (28:07)

Wow. That’s awesome. I’m gonna ask you one more question but will be, because I think you have given us so many great tips and so much value to my audience.

So we hear so much about, you know, marketing online and you know, putting out that engagement and like you said, the key word, that introvert situation, because I think like

I would need a forklift to come and get me out of my house just to get out. But how do you speak to the entrepreneur who maybe does work at home and they are busy doing everything online but to come offline and take their business, you know, to people that are out there.

Like what is that process and how do they even get started to know where do I go to even interact with other people offline?


Leanna: (28:53)

Yeah. I think it’s really important to surround yourself with other people who are in the trenches.

They don’t have to be in the same industry as you, but they have to have that entrepreneurial mindset, right? Because from one entrepreneur to another, you know, that one day you’re, you’re feeling like, I’m, I’ve got this, I’m living my purpose.

This is amazing. I can’t believe I’m so lucky. The next day you’re like, what am I doing?

Do I need to go get a nine to five? Like what was I think imagining that I should do this? And then you get an email from a potential client and you’re like, Oh yeah, right.

Honestly, sometimes I feel like being an entrepreneur, I’m bipolar cause you know, I mean like I’m like, yes, I got this and that. I’m like, what am I doing? You know, it’s that constant roller coaster that I think so many of us live for because the second I’m down, I start looking for ways to pick myself back up.


Leanna: (29:56)

Right. And then, um, so if this sounds trivial, but I would literally Google entrepreneurial groups.

Is there a meetup? Is there an, it doesn’t have to be a networking thing, but is there some way, even if it’s online, is there a group? And I, I always recommend small groups, not 10,000 people or a thousand people who are the 10 or 15 people that you can connect with that when you feel like you shouldn’t be doing this, you can send them a message and just be like, dude, what was I thinking? And they go, no, no, wait, hold on.

Let’s talk this through. Yes. And they remind you who you are and what you’re here to do. And they can trust that they can do that to you.

In return, you support each other and you build each other up. And especially if it’s, if it’s locally and in person, because a lot of times you guys can, can utilize resources together.


Leanna: (31:04)

Hey, I found this really cool, uh, you know, space that you can go host your podcast in. Or Hey, I met this lady and I think she would be great for you as a client, and it really creates an environment where people are cheering for you and genuinely want you to succeed, and I think that that’s key because it’s really easy to stay safe and in your house and behind your computer.

Trust me, I’ve made an entire agency out of staying at home and staying safe. Right? But once I decided I wanted it to get to that next level, I knew that I had to do the hard stuff. What does putting myself out there? You know?

But if you put yourself in the right environment, that will feed you, that will feed your soul, it will encourage you, it will give you light when things feel really dark.

So honestly, Google, Google it, go to some places. Some places are going to feel super weird, other places you’re going to walk in and you’re going to feel like I’m home and you’re going to wonder what took you so long to get there. Step out of your comfort zone. It might take two or three times, but it won’t always be uncomfortable. Yes.


Michele : (32:21)

Well, thank you so much Leanne for that. That, I believe that was so encouraging because that’s something that I need to do. I need to get out of the house because I am just like stuck to my computer actually attached to me.

So that is what that is. But I thank you for sharing your expertise with my listeners and just so much great information. Where can they find you online, offline, like in, you know, any other things that you want to add?


Leanna: (32:52)

Absolutely. So, they can find me a online, our website is debellvue global.com. there’s a lot of what we do as a company. So people need help with social media. We do a free evaluation of your platforms.

We’ll tell you what you’re doing really great. Maybe some tweaks that you can do to make it even better. Get that organic growth up. We do that free of charge and you can find that on our website.

You can also learn a little bit more about me. I do a lot of public speaking. I’ll be in Arizona in November, London in January, Austin in the end of January, early February. I think.

So, I speak to entrepreneurs all the time about what this journey really is. I don’t do any type of private coaching. I don’t do anything like that. I just really want to get the word out about the truth of what entrepreneurship is.


Leanna: (33:52)

So you can find us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, uh, everything’s under debellvue global. You can find me in Facebook, under Leanna develop you. I’m always here to answer and help.

So any way that I can be, uh, a resource to your listeners, I hope that they consider that. and just know that we’re in it together and we’re all here to help.

You know, there’s enough for everybody. I’ll pull you up. Just like, you know, I’ve got people pulling me up and it’s just an exchange. So thank you again for your time. I do appreciate it.


Michele : (34:24)

Well, I want to thank you again, Leanne, for coming on savvy prenuer podcast. And for those that are listening, you can find the show notes under this title of this podcast. It will be linked with all of Leanne’s information, her website, her social media channels where you can get in contact with her. So I just thank you again Leanna being on savvyprenuer podcast. Have a great day.

Leanna: (34:48)

Thank you. You too. Bye bye. 


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