Cost Effective Strategies For Lead Generation

Lead generation is important to every business, because it determines how profitable the business will become based on the number of quality leads it acquires. How are you acquiring leads in your business?

There are many ways to acquire leads and here are some popular ways that you should be getting leads on your list.
  1. Social Media Dm’s
  2. Email Marketing
  3. Borrowing Other People’s Audiences
  4. Referrals
  5. Facebook/Google/Youtube Ads
When you are providing value to your followers via a blog post, podcast or challenge you are showing them how you can assist them in the areas that they are having struggles.
Attracting quality leads comes with creating quality content, going a step above your competition to ensure you are building a lasting relationship and gaining a customer in the process.
Another strategy to acquire leads quality leads is having a solid email marketing strategy, this will assist you with increasing your b2b leads. Having a strong CTA’s know as call to action will also help you with increasing your subscribers list.
There are many ways to gain email addresses, however it has to be a quality resource that your followers need, something that is going to provide a quick solution for them.

There are many ways to acquire quality leads and here are some ways you can begin. When you slide into someone’s DMs it should be about providing value and not trying to get them to buy something from you. 

This is one way to generate a quality lead. Follow them on social media. Research who they are following so you can get an idea of what their need is.

Email Marketing & Lead Generation

Email marketing is the most cost effective strategy when getting quality leads for your business. You can generate leads via CTA’s (call to actions) place on your website or on your social media channels. Give your subscribers quality content that will ensure high open rates.

Once you have gained a lead it is not time to nurture that lead by providing value in the form of content that will give them a quick win or solution to their problem. Check in with them including a survey to find where their pain points are. The goal is to convert them into a paying customer through your email campaigns.

When getting a quality lead to subscribe to your email mail list, place your cta’s where they can be found. If you have a website you can place your cta above the fold this way your traffic will see this when your page loads, instead of getting the annoying pop-up that will get clicked off.

Another great place for placing your cts’s is the footer or sidebar of your website, as well as within your blog content. Generating leads is not hard, providing what they need to give your their email address is what you need to know in the process.

Borrow Other Peoples Audience

You can generate quality leads by being a guest on another entrepreneur’s podcast or live and giving great value by offering a link to a free training or workshop. 

Collaborate with a group of entrepreneurs by putting together summit’s where everyone has to submit a free resource. This is a great way to get leads on your email list.

Referrals are another way to generate quality leads for your business. Come up with a referral system that offers an incentive to your customers when they send a referral your way that becomes a customer. This is a great strategy to implement in your business without having to constantly look for leads.

Facebook/Google Ads

Facebook and Google ads are another strategy to generate leads into your business at a quicker rate, however there are some things you must have in place to make sure you’re not wasting ad spend on your ad campaigns.

  1. Make sure you have identified your audience. (not having a defined audience will cost you more in ad spend)
  2. What are your KPIs ( key performance indicators) that you will monitor.
  3. Have you installed the Facebook pixel on your website to generate or build a lookalike audience
  4. What is the goal/s that you are trying to accomplish with the ad (website traffic, email signups, webinar training)
  5. Having a plan is of the utmost importance when creating ads, your goal as a marketer is to get the best ROI


When you are placing ads for lead generation it comes with testing to see what is going to work and what needs to be changed. If you don’t have the capitol to put into ads then build up a solid following and make sure to create posts that garner engagement so your content can reach a wider audience before you begin putting money into ads.

Lead generation is not hard, it just takes practice, and most of all knowing what your audience struggles with so you can provide them with that content. Another great way to offer value is to create a group where you can frequently come in and give mini trainings or challenges.

Once your audience sees you as the go to person that helps them with their problems, they will reciprocate and share your content with others.

Start with the type of content that will attract leads to your website, landing page or signup form. Have a resource in place that is of high value and include links for them to connect with you via your social media platforms. Incorporate a live chat plugin on your website to generate more leads.

Once you gain a lead don’t just leave them on your list, nurture, nurture, nurture and provide value before you ask them to purchase from you. Lead generation doesn’t have to be overwhelming when you have the right formula in place all you need to do is rinse and repeat.

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