Who would have thought that working from home would be the new normal, so while you are working from home let me share some tips on looking stylish and staying productive while working from home.

Just because you’re home doesn’t mean you have to resort to working in your PJ’s to get your work done. Creating a schedule for your work week shouldn’t be limited to your day to day tasks but also what you will wear and how that impacts your productivity and emotional state.

Now that there are lots of people at home and are on social media platforms it would be beneficial to show up each day dressing for comfort while looking polished in the process.

Covid-19 has weighed heavy on our emotional state and it would be a good practice to show up as you would to your 9-5 groomed and professional, you never know who is watching you and it could land you a new client or business collaboration.

Now that you are working from home you can let go of the corporate attire and go for more relaxed and comfortable outfits, your feet will welcome the break from heels as you work from home. 

In the workplace there were dressing policies put in place and as a business woman or man you should have them in your business as well. Your main goal is to make your content and information that you are presenting your main goal.

You don’t ever want to distract your audience because your blouse is too low, tight or see through, and men you don’t want your shirt to be muscle shirts that are tight or see through as well, you don’t want to bring the wrong attention to those who are following you. 

This might work for some brands because they are influencers and their clothes is what gets the attention of their audience and this is key to knowing the type of audience that follows you and the type of content they are looking for.

Whether they are millennials or baby boomers your style and content can be an inspiration to them. 

Choosing Colors That Compliment

What colors compliment your skin tone, is it warm colors or cool?  If you create video content live or pre-recorded you want to show up looking polished and fresh. I know some brands are geared to more of a gritty this is me in your face type of content and for their audience it works.

What type of clothes make you feel good pants with a blouse, or a dress?  I know for me if I stay in my pj’s all day, I won’t have the inspiration or motivation to get more work done, something about laying in the bed can cause me to not be as focused if I would have gotten up and went into my office.

Being in a different place in your home can lead to increased productivity even if you don’t have a dedicated office space.

Makeup Or Natural

This can cause some entrepreneurs to feel a bit of anxiety especially if their business is more geared toward video creation. When you’re at home you’re more relaxed and for the most part your thoughts are not about who you’re going to meet, so the need for make-up can be minimal or nonexistent. 

If putting on light makeup will help with your overall productivity then go for it, this is about doing something that will give you the drive to meet each day head on.

Dress Up Days

Everyday doesn’t have to be a dress up day, you can dress up on days where you are having a webinar or you’ve received an invite for a collaboration or recording your membership course videos and want to take your style up a notch.

Pick a day and plan out your wardrobe based on the content that you will be creating, If you know you have a video that you are doing on a Wednesday then plan out your outfit for the days your audience will see you. I absolutely love yoga pants with the wide legs. They are so comfortable and stylish and I can pair it with a nice blouse or a crisp white shirt. 

Bad Hair Days

I’m sorry but we all have them and the key to preventing a bad hair day from stopping your productivity is to invest in scarves and headwraps when they can be a beautiful accessory to your wardrobe.

Working from home is a much different dynamic than going to an office building, hospital facility, warehouse or fast food restaurant, there may have been dress codes depending on the job you worked at, now that your home your style can still come through as you work towards your goals.

Do What Motivates & Inspires You!

You may need some type of normalcy to cope with the state of the world we are living in and if you can get comfort, style and productivity out of them then go for it, no one is going to send you home because you didn’t follow the dress code, now is the time to experiment with fashion, makeup and hairstyles that will boost your mood and inspires other along the way.

Leave a comment below what’s your go to style when working from home.

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