Marketing Stratgies with Natalie Luneva

I recently had the pleasure of speaking to Natalie Luneva, who is a growth and leadership coach for SASS.

Natalie shared key tips to equip entrepreneurs who are just starting out in their business with strategies they can begin to implement to see growth.

As an entrepreneur is is vital that you know who your customers are and spend time doing the research to find them.

Developing marketing strategies comes from testing to see what topics your audience identifies with.



Marketing Strategies W/ Natalie Luneva

by Michele Riley

Marketing Tips By Natalie

I think a key componet, again is knowing your exact customer profile. Once you know the customer profile, what you can do is then you can go after similar audiences, if it’s LinkedIn or Facebook and talk to them see what their problems are and see how you can add value and start adding value. 

For example, on Facebook, there’s so many groups. So if you are a coach for, lawyers, or doctors or anyone there’s group for any single industry out there.

So just join those groups on Facebook, see what they’re talking about what questions they’re asking. I try to add value. And then when you add enough value, then you can start making posts, explaining how you were able to help this person. 

Outline step by step what you’ve done for them, and then see those comments and people send them your direct messages, excited to see how you can help them with the exact same problem. But again, to do that, you need to have those four things tackled. 

  • Who’s your ideal customer, 
  • Where are they 
  • What steps are you going to take them through
  • And what’s the goal for them to achieve?


 Once you know that, you just made the post on those groups, explaining how you were able to help what results you achieved for other clients that you work with, it doesn’t have to be paid if you’re just starting out it  can be free.

Natalie also touched on SEO and the importance of it as part of your social media strategy.

Natalie share many tips in the interview, so give it a listen to glean the strategies she shared. Click here for the show notes.

Be sure to pay her a visit at her website click here: Natalie Luneva.

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