Overcoming Negative Circumstances

I had a wonderful conversation with my first podcast guest Genecia Alluora I love her tenacity in overcoming the negative circumstances that she faced to grow many lucrative businesses. Genecia shared many jewels and I will just highlight a few but you can listen to the podcast and glean all of her wisdom in growing a successful business.


Overcoming Negative Circumstances

by Genecial Alluora

Staying Committed

Many women face some type adversities in life…however you can make a decision to overcome negative circumstances that may be in your life.

Genecia also shared how women in business have to make sure their priorities are lined-up with their business goals, if you are serious about your business then you must make a commitment to invest in your business. 

Many entrepreneurs are reluctant to do Facebook ads, out of fear they will lose money, however the problem is you are not able to compile any data to make a well informed decision in your business. 

Genecia also stated in the interview that organic traffic is dead, you as an entrepreneur must begin creating your sales funnels and ads to gain awareness around your business, even if it’s just $2 a day, you have to make a commitment to start somewhere.


Genecia also stated that how an entrepreneur should develop their skill set is through their messaging, how are you positioning yourself in your business. I believe that is very important as well, you as an entrepreneur have to be clear on your message so you don’t confuse your audience in what you are offering.

Genecia has so graciously extended 2 free resources and you can download them from her website https://soulrichwoman.com 

Key Takeaways

  1. You can overcome any negative circumstance
  2. Make a commitment to develop an ad budget for your business.
  3. Practice working on your messaging around your products & services

I enjoyed all of Genecia’s wisdom in this interview and I hope you gleaned some nuggets that you can begin to put into action today!  Show Notes.

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