Using your skill set as a side hustle to garner some extra case can be a welcome reprieve. The truth is not everyone wants to dive into the entrepreneur pool, some just want to make a couple of extra dollars to support their income. Listen to today’s podcast and glean some key tips in getting your side hustle on.

Utilizing Your Skill Set

What skills do you have that can help you to make extra money on the side? There are many people who love their jobs and can utilize that skill for what they are already getting paid for.  

Have a co-worker take a picture of you at your desk, teaching a class, cooking in the restaurant, this lends credibility for what you are already getting paid to do, and you can take it to the next level. There are people looking for what skill set you have, create the platform where they can find you and partake in your services.

What skills do you possess? Are you good at writing? maybe you have a degree in journalism and you are very skilled at writing. Do have any advertising or marketing experience that lends to great copy writing skills?

Copy writing is a very lucrative business and if your good at it you can earn a great income writing copy for small and large businesses. You can put your copy writing skills in e-book or teach online, setup a payment gate to receive payment.

You may have the skills of teaching key subjects to your learners. Resume writing, interview skills for landing the perfect job, how to score high on you SAT’s. However you need to insure that what you do is something that is a need, so do your research. YouTube is a great place to do research when looking to utilize your skills as a side hustle.

There are so many age ranges and various skill sets that are being taught online, it’s amazing how you can create the income to fund your next vacation or save up for that dream house. The caveat is you won’t make money overnight this is not a get rich quick scheme.

You have to put in the time and effort to make it look presentable because you are putting yourself out there as a professional, so you want it to look like you put some effort into it.

There are platforms that you can utilize to put your knowledge online like Teachable and Thinkific and Skillshare these platforms will assist you in getting started for free and you can upgrade to the next level once your platform takes off. Once you get started making money from your side hustle you may not want to go back to your 9-5. That’s the beauty of entrepreneurship, taking what you love to do and creating it into a solution that solves problems for your students.


Opportunities Through Your Side Hustle

When you begin to utilize your skills you open yourself up for other opportunities that you may have never thought possible. You can network with other entrepreneurs who may hire you to come and speak at their conference, and even if they are not paying, it gives you an opportunity to get before a new audience so it’s a win-win situation.

Don’t allow the skills that you have learned at your job for yrs, to hinder you from utilizing them in this now digital space that we live in called the Internet. I invite you to sign up for my newsletter Social Media Marketing Weekly, where you receive every Monday in your inbox key resources to equip you to grow your business.

 My goal is to equip you with the knowledge and resources, so you can utilize your skill set  and produce a viable income even if it is just a side hustle gig. I don’t want to leave you empty handed you can download my entrepreneur’s toolkit that is full of vital links for entrepreneurs who want to create systems and processes in their business.

Here’s wishing you the best with utilizing your skills as a side hustle, may you become profitable in all you hope to accomplish.


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