When creating content for your social media platforms it is good practice to know how to present your content on each platform, to ensure the best engagement possible. Below is a video that will assist you in the creation process, and then we can dive into how to promote your content on each platform to engage with your target audience.

Before you begin just posting content on social media platforms ask yourself these questions first.

1. What is the goal of my content?

a. To educate

b. To call to a specific action

c. To offer a product or service.

Now you have a basic foundation of what actions you need to perform to get you to your end goal.

I always suggest before bombarding your social media platforms with offers to your products or marketing your services is to produce content to give your potential customers a solution before they even begin purchasing anything from you.

Consumers are becoming savy shoppers now, they just don’t buy all willy nilly (yes that’s a word 😃) they search for reviews and testimonials of your product or service, and even if you are just starting out of the gate and have not built up a know, like, and trust factor, If you give them a win up front it will be a no brainer when you put out an offer.




Facebook Insights!

It is good practice to utilize the tools on the social media platforms that you are on to leverage the data provide to give you insight to when those who follow and engage with your content are online.

The grid above in my Facebook insights gives me an overview of what times those who follow my content are online, so this takes the guess work out of when to post online.

This section of Facebook Insight gives me insight to what videos and content are having the most engagement, so now I have an idea of what content I can create more of in the form of video content, paying attention to these details can grow your social media marketing efforts.

This section of Facebook Insights is where you can follow business or coaches in your industry or those who’s content you love. This graph shows me what type of content they are putting out, as well as how much they are posting and what is the engagement on their posts. This is gold because it gives you a cule of what content people are engaging with on other platforms so you can create simular content.

Instagram Insights

Your Instagram insights are vital to see your engagement increase, this graph shows the reach and impressions in a specific time period.

This section of my social media insights show how many times my content received engagement.

This section is giving me vital information, because it is telling me the age group and gender of those who are engaging with my content, this is information can be utilized in creating your target customer profile.

This graph here is also vital information because it tells you where your followers are from and their age ranges, another vital piece of information when creating a customer avatar profile.

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