Being in this space as an entrepreneur is teaching me many lessons about myself that I would not have paid attention to, although the signs were surley there.

  • I have to show up for myself before I can show up for my customers
  • I have to overcome my own fears and limiting beliefs If I desire my business to grow
  • I have to develop a system that will help me address the areas in my personal life, so I’m not stuck in my business life.

Many entrepreneurs may not realize the reason they are stuck is because the limiting beliefs they have are causing them to go around in circles looking for an easy way to grow their business, when the actual work begins with themselves.

It’s not a easy or popular thing to admit, because social media has this air of putting on this fake persona of having it all together, when in actuality many entrepreneurs are struggling. I hope today’s blog-cast can help you to identify and overcome any areas that are holding you hostage, so you can break those chains and truly live a life of freedom.

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