How Your Mindset Runs Your Business

Your mindset runs your business whether it is positive or negative, your mindset is the key component in how your business will either succeed or fail.

When you find yourself procrastinating on task, or making excuses on why something isn’t working, it’s your mindset that is determining your outcomes. When you become an entrepreneur as you start to grow your business, you are also developing, you may not notice it at first.

However your mindset plays an important part on how you execute on your day to day tasks. It is a great practice to keep a journal, especially if you are noticing repeated patterns. These are clues that your mindset is keeping you from stepping out of your comfort zones.

In one on my podcasts the making of an entrepreneur, I discuss how adversity comes to challenge you to rise above the chaos not to cripple you…when you embrace adversity and welcome it as a force that is coming to pull greatness out of you, then you won’t feel like the world is crashing in around you when it shows up.




How your mindset runs your business… there may be times when you sabotage your outcomes or make an excuse as to why your not further ahead, when the truth of the matter is, those limiting beliefs and self-doubt are showing up.

Those limiting beliefs could have come from childhood where there were no positive affirmations instilled, it could have come from an unhealthy relationship or marriage. 

Where you were talked down to and made to believe the lies that were spoken about you. Now when you set out on this journey of entrepreneurship all those issues resurface and you begin to move from that place. 

Overcoming Negative Mindset Issues

The way to combat this issue is to journal, listen to mindset and affirmation podcast so you can begin to heal from the negative tapes that are playing in your thoughts. 

I love this scripture “as a man thinks in his heart, so is he” so I have to align my thoughts with the outcomes that I desire to see, If I speak negatively then I am seeing what I have already spoken. 

When you look around at your life, you are experiencing everything that your mind has focused on and you are reaping the fruit of that mindset…If you want to change your life, your business then begin with the thoughts that you think.

Here is a great artice on website for what it takes when starting out in your business.

Begin today to develop a business mindset that propells you forward in your business and when those negative thoughts begin to surface defeat them with positive affirmations and keep moving forward.

You can download the Show Notes from this podcast.


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