Creating content is not hard, it just takes some planning in today’s blog post. I’m going to share with you three tips to creating content that converts your followers that’s going to help you get out of overwhelm and frustration. 

Goals & Objectives

The first tip that I want to give you when it comes to creating content is you have to have a goal and an objective. You have to know what it is that you want to achieve in your business that’s going to bring you closer to that goal. 

So if you say that your goal is to build an email list by how many people do you want to build your email list? 

Do you want 500 people in an email list, a thousand people on your email list? 

Knowing this will give you a set plan to create the content and call to actions, some form of content that is going to give them a quick solution to something that they’re struggling with or a pain point that they have. 

You can put your call to actions in the form of a video. It could be a 10, 15 minute video, and you can just provide a link to it. It could be a podcast that you also provide a link to, or a PDF that they just download, but you can create different forms of call to actions. 

Once you have a plan in place the next step is to perform the tasks associated with the plan and implement them.

Maybe the next thing is brand awareness. You want people to know more about your brand and your business. So that means putting yourself out there a little bit more. I remember when I was building my blog, I was trying to bring awareness to my blog. So I knew that I had to create content. 

I had to basically do more research to find out what it was my audience was looking for and what information do they need to equip them to achieve a short term goal

So in order for me to achieve that task or that goal, I had to just basically put my eyes on creating content. Like that was my goal, creating content, putting call to actions in place and making sure that it was content that was needed, not content that I thought they needed.

There was one blog post that I wrote that gained over 1000 comments, from one blog post I had so many questions.

How do I build a website, who is your hosting provider, how do I start a blog, I have trouble knowing what to post online and when, how do I  grow my email list, and the list goes on and on.

What I learned from that one blog post is that my audience was telling me what they were struggling with. I didn’t have to rack my brain and figure out what content to provide for them they were telling me what they needed help with.

So maybe the next thing is you want to retain clients. So why not offer them an upsell or cross sell product, when creating your products have add on products and services that are in alignment with where the client is on their journey.

Offer to do one on one coaching, you won’t know if you don’t ask. Some entrepreneurs think that their customers know what all their offers are,  but that is so far from the truth, you can be an online course creator and also offer graphic design services.

Your clients and customers will never know if you don’t tell them the products and services that you provide and what will be a good fit for their business.


“Your goal is to always bring value with your free & paid content”



What’s Your Mission Statement

Your mission statement is what you offer to your clients and customers and how you are prepared to serve them via what your mission statement relates.

The photos below are 2 popular brands that are in the beauty industry and their mission statement speaks to how they are going to show up as well as provide content to their target audience.

 Mission statement is they want to be the leading authority among what professional makeup, artists and consumers. So when they put out content, it’s going to speak to the makeup artists and it’s going to speak to the consumer. 

Mac’s mission is to create their content based on what it is that they want to achieve within the marketplace. So this is the same thing with you.

*What is it that you want to achieve?

*What is your mission when it comes to your product or your service,

*Who is it for?

The next business is Sephora, they’re more focused on making sure that when you come into their facility, that you have a great shopping experience and they put out content to bring you into that experience when you visit their store.

So when you are sitting down and you are forming your mission statement,

*What it is that you’re offering to your target audience.

*What is it that you want to be known for within your space?

So now next thing is part two brainstorming. When you sit down to brainstorm and I do this as well, I open up an app that is a mind map app.

And I sit down and I basically say, when I’m creating content,

*Who is this content for? 

*Is it for millennials? 

*Is it for generation X?

*Is it for baby boomers? 

Now it could be a mix of a couple of people in there. It could be a mix of baby boomers and  generation X, or maybe even some millennials sprinkled in there. 

Who Is Your Product/Service For?

* Who is your main customer?

 * Are they moms? 

* Are they single women? 

* Are they married women? 

* Are they new homeowners? 

* Are they pet owners? 

* Are they people who are trying to switch to a vegan lifestyle. 

So when you really know who it is that you want to speak to, then it becomes easier to focus on just that one aspect of providing the content for them, because you already know what category they fit in.

For example, if they are a new home owner, and you are a realtor you can provide content on topics that new homeowners need to be aware of.

You can create a seasonal guide giving them tips on how to take care of their home within each season, like cleaning the gutters in fall so the leaves don’t clog up the drain, weather proofing around the perimeter of the house in times of heavy rainfall so their basement doesn’t get flooded.

If the new homeowners moved from another state and are new to the area you can provide a getting around town guide, schools in the area, health care providers as well as hospitals.

Content creation comes with knowing who your target audience is, content creation and your target audience go hand in hand, because you can’t create content if you don’t know who you’re speaking to because it’s going to fall flat and you’re not going to see the engagement that you want to see, and I want to help you prevent that.

Use search tools like google trends to see what content your audience is most interested in.


What Type Of Content Does Your Audience Like To Consume?

So the next thing is, what type of content does your audience like to consume?

Do they like video, podcasts, blog posts, newsletter guides, white papers? So when you understand the type of content that your audience likes to consume, then you go and you create more of that. 

I have a little strategy that I use frequently when creating content. 

I am using Zoom, not only am I recording video, but it’s also recording audio for me so I can strip the audio and create a podcast from the audio file and then I can take that audio and I can also upload it in one of my go to transcription services.

Otter, which is an app that you can download for free on your phone. Or I would go to T E M I, and it transcribes my audio into written content at 25 cents per minute.

This is an awesome strategy because I don’t have to spend a huge amount of time creating content, it’s literally one and done with some light editing all I have to do is copy and paste it to my website. 

So that’s another way where you can really get content out on a regular basis, because you want to show up constantly to your audience.

You want to make sure that you’re showing up on a regular basis and you’re putting out that content that they need, because then they will continue to come to you because they see that you’re an authority in your industry.

Questions To Ask Yourself

So the last part of today’s tips, I want to ask you to ask yourself these two questions.

* Is the content I’m creating bringing me closer to my goal?

* Is the content I’m creating will it bring value to my subscriber?

Key money tip: Now let’s say you have a money goal is to make $1500 (I know that’s a low amount but you have to start somewhere)

You have a product or service for $99

And You have a Product or service for $199

To meet or exceed your goal for the $99 product/service you need 16 people to opt-in to your offer (that’s not a lot of people)

To meet or exceed your goal for the $199 product/service you need 8 people to opt-in to your offer (again that’s not a lot of people)

The key is to place your offer on the platforms that your target customer frequents, with the correct messaging and planning you will see people opt-in to your offers but you have to consistently put it out there.

Place your offers there on a weekly basis (learn how each platform that you are using works) placing offers on some platforms can hurt your conversions if your are spamming)

I’d love to hear your thoughts on how you create content and if you have any questions for me please leave them below in the comments.

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