How Are You Showing Up In Your Business?


Having a business is more just posting on your Facebook and Instagram platforms. You need systems and strategies in place… that will speak to your target audience.

How are they benefitting from your content? Is It…

1. Educational

2. Inspirational

3. Do it provide them with a solution

How you show up in your business is more than just pretty pictures and cute quotes and memes…

Which social media platforms are garnering the most engagement? Are you creating more of that of content? One of my pet peves is when a digital marketer or influencer doesn’t engage with their audience…now I know there are exceptions to the rule, especially when you have thousands of follwers, you can’t literally respond to everyone.

However you can create an overall video that addresses, that you see them and you appreciate their comments. You are in the process of building ongoing relationships and this should be in the forefront of your mind when you are showing up online.

How are you showing up online..has it become dull and boring? well may be you need to change up the format and try something different that gets you excited again.

Don’t be afraid to ask your audience how are they liking your content...they are your go to people to tell you if your doing it right.

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