Crafting Your Email Welcome Series

Creating an email welcome series is about building a relationship and onboarding your subscribers to how you will connect with them on a regular basis and the content you will be providing them. Ex… tips on blogging, on marketing, growing your social media following.

This keeps your subscribers aware of when you will be sending out emails and this way they won’t just do a massive email dump because you have given them a heads up to when you send out emails.

In today’s world, most of us struggle with inboxes that are overloaded with information and you want to be mindful of this and not overwhelm your subscribers with tons of emails.

Welcome emails that have special offers and promo codes can boost your revenue up to 30% then those emails that don’t include offers. (make sure it’s in alignment with the free offer they signed up for)

What do you include in your welcome email series?

Here are some key tips to include in your welcome email series:

  • Thanking them for opting into your list
  • Introducing yourself 
  • What makes you an expert in your niche?
  • Your brand story (how you got started)
  • How you can assist them with your content
  • Tell them how your products and services you provide solve specific problems.
  • Where they can find more content you provide on your social media platforms.

How many emails should you include in your welcome email series?

This will depend on a couple of factors:

1. You have a considerable amount of content and resources in place.

2. You’re just getting started and have no real content or CTA (call to actions in place)

For those who have the content and can create (checklists, PDFs, Guides, Reports, etc…) then you’re at a great place for creating a welcome email series because you have some content in place to keep them engaged. 

If you’re just starting out with your blog or new website I would suggest building up your content library before creating just one opt-in and getting new subscribers. 

This will help you to know what to email them about when you have built a content library, this will help you to provide them with information to past blog posts or PDFs that you have created.

I would suggest at least a month to 2 months’ worth of content and putting in place offers that align with your freebies. This can be a low-cost offer that takes them through a deeper process to receive a specific result.

Having an awesome welcome series can accomplish these things:

  • An awesome welcome email series gets their attention.
  • An awesome welcome email series keeps them engaged in your content.
  • An awesome welcome email assists at getting them to purchase your products & services.
  • An awesome welcome email series creates a know like and trust factor.
  • Your welcome email series serves to get your new subscribers to solve a specific problem in their lives.


Building Relationships

You make think this is a bit much however you are actually onboarding your new subscribers to your brand and telling them how being a part of your VIP list (that’s what I call my list 😀) will be of great value.

The reason why you want to create this welcome series is that emails don’t always get opened  when they are sent out, they may go into their spam folder or be deleted by accident.

You want to give your subscribers instructions in your welcome emails how they can whitelist your emails so they don’t go into their spam folder because you don’t want them to miss out on the valuable information and exclusive deals you have for them only. 

So this is why it’s important to have these many emails on deck, this includes emails that may have the headline, Did You Delete It ????  This email is for those initial emails that didn’t get opened and you’re reminding them that you sent them an email and you’re following up to make sure they get the intended content.

In this email, you basically just copy and paste what the original email’s content and give your subscribers if possible specific days that you send out emails this way they will be expecting them.

Automated emails how often do I send them?

First, you must have an email autoresponder like Mailchimp or Getresponse in place to be able to send automated responses when a new subscriber signs up for your email list. 

The initial email will be sent when they opt-in to your free offer and you can send the next email 2-3days you are creating a welcome email series campaign for each free offer you are promoting.

Here are a few pointers:

Be clear on your understanding of the purpose of the lead magnet and know what’s the next product they would have to buy to continue in the process you are guiding them through. Doesn’t mean you sell anything – just know what’s the point of the lead magnet.

Write out your subject lines – your subject line is like envelope copy in snail mail. Your subject line is not just a headline.  Your subject line’s purpose is to get the email opened (just like teaser copy on direct mail envelopes). The best way to do this is to be relevant – think about what you know about your community.

 Pay more attention to what your content is about than what words you choose to use. Make your content sound like your brand voice.

  • Email 1 – Confirmation/Thanks Email (includes your freebie)
  • Email 2 – Welcome series (how many times a week you will email them, days of the week and how to whitelist their emails, how to connect with you on your social media platforms)
  • Email 3 – Video or audio post or link to an article that is relevant to the freebie they downloaded.
  • Email 4 – Invitation for questions
  • Email 5 – A surprise gift that includes a free PDF of social media tools that they can utilize in their business.
  • Email 6 – A low cost offer that is in alignment with the freebie they downloaded. Your email can go something like this: You Don’t Want To Miss This! I want to extend a special discount offer for new subscribers who download (whatever the free resource is) you can get this ______________ at the low cost of __________ that will take you deeper to get quick results. 

Do you see how the welcome email is giving them insight in how you are keeping them informed as well as providing them with valuable content and an offer, notice you don’t start out the gate as soon as a subscriber signs up for your email list and thank them then ask for a sale. 

I see so many entrepreneurs do this and this kills their credibility. You have to build a relationship first before asking for a sale and this is a repeatable process for any future campaigns you may have in the future. 

Nurture, nurture, nurture provide value and ask for the sale. I hope this has given you insight into how important your welcome email is and you will begin putting this strategy in place. 

One more key tip before I go, save the welcome email series as a template that can be reused, you’re just putting in different information related to the freebie they have received.

Here’s to growing a highly engaged email list of subscribers.

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