How To Create Content Buckets For Your Content

Today’s topic is around content buckets and why you should have them in your business, so you will understand the different components that you can bring to the table with your content to help your audience.

Now I know a lot of entrepreneurs when they first start out in the digital space, and they realize that they have to come up with content and they struggle because they believe, or they feel as though  if I put so much content into my free offers such as blog posts or videos, then what will I get paid for because i’ve given it away in the free content. 

So I want to let you understand that your business is just not one component, your business has many different components to it, that makes up what it is that you do. 

Let me give you this type of scenario, when you look at any type of famous blogger or business owner, what they’re basically telling all of their online audience is they’re not being specific to a certain type of business or industry, they’re basically telling you how to grow your followers on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube LinkedIn.

 They’re basically letting you know how to get your content out on these certain platforms, but they’re not giving you really behind the scenes look at how’s it’s done.

If you are a fitness coach or your business coach or a lifestyle coach, they’re not telling you, basically the inner workings of what it is that you bring to the table, because they don’t know that. 

So the only advice as far as what they can kind of give you is how to basically put your content out there, and how to do it in a way that garner’s you engagement.

Now I’m not going to say that people can’t give you advice on your business because maybe they’ve gone through that type of business and they can do that, but that’s what people get paid for. 

So when you understand that people get paid for creating strategies, and social media marketing plans for your business, they get paid for that so most of the times people not going to give you everything that you need to get you to an end result.

That’s why they’re in business they’re going to help you to put those processes in place they’re going to help you monitor and make sure that you understand how the inner workings of what you bring to the table work online, so this way you can now bring your expertise to that platform.

Content Buckets

What is a content bucket? Content buckets are often known as content categories, are topics that discuss various aspects within one’s business. 

Content buckets can include.

  • Blog Posts
  • Contests & Giveaways
  • Motivation Quotes
  • Curated Content From Other Platforms
  • Webinars
  • Behind The Scenes
  • Memes
  • Video
  • Podcast
  • Promos
  • Questions

Let’s look at a fitness trainer. Their whole goal is to help their audience, their target demographic to get fit. Now there’s a whole lot of people who want to get fit, but not everybody wants to get fit the same way. Some people don’t want to lift weights. Some people just want to tone their arms or their legs or their butt. 

So the different types of content buckets that a fitness trainer may have can be…

  • Abs Video
  • Legs Workout mini training
  • Tone Abs Low carb recipies and exercise
  • How to avoid injury when losing weight PDF
  • Q&A Live Video

Do you see the many types of content buckets this trainer can pull from and if they want to add a recipe plan these are other areas of content they can pull from their content bucket.

  • Recipe for low carbs
  • Protein Shakes
  • Energy Drinks

 This fitness trainer can utilize his or her skill set and create more content via content buckets to enhance the expertise her or she brings with their fitness training.

As an entrepreneur you have to determine the types of content you will utilize in your business and what categories you will create.  I’ll give you another example: I am a digital marketer/business coach and website designer.

I have vast amounts of content buckets that I can pull from to give my audience great value.

I can give content on…

  •  Blogging 101
  • Website Design for the non techie
  • Seo (simple steps to up your SEO)
  • Email Marketing 5 day course (which I do have by the way)
  • Content Creation Workbook/guide
  • Creating a content/editorial calendar
  • Customer Service PDF
  • Free Social Media Strategy Guide

I think you get the Idea, there is so much I can offer my audience, however the key is to provide what they need, not what I think they need.

Monetizing Your Content

So how do I offer my products and services through my content? Let’s look back at the fitness trainer for a moment. He or she has many content buckets of exercises to offer their audience when they want to monetize a specific audience they research who their audience is and what their struggles are.

I’m sure you’ve seen it on the infomercials where they offer exercise programs to who?

People who…

  • Don’t want to go to the gym
  • Want quick routines
  • Don’t want heavy bulky equipment
  • Want it to be fun 
  • Want quick results in less time

What they do is target their program to these types of people and then they throw in meal plans and a bonus exercise and If you act fast you may get a t-shirt or some type of merchandise to make the deal even sweeter.

Content is around you all day everyday, you need to start paying attention to what content is popular and learn how to take cues from that to develop your own plan.

If you’re a fitness trainer you can monetize your content by putting together an exercise, meal and supplement plan and create a Facebook group to check up on your customers and develop more free and paid offers via their ongoing needs.

Call Them Out 

When creating your content let them know who you are speaking to, I have this new checklist for all you VA’s out there I’m going to show you how to set up your agency I’m going to show you how to put certain key components that will explode your business. 

You can say calling all  beginning graphic designers I have a free PDF with 6 ways to get clients, let your content address who it is for.

Don’t think that giving away a good strategy, checklist, or PDF to get subscribers on your list is giving away the whole kit and caboodle, It’s allowing your followers to know that when it comes to your content it is valuable and results will show if they do the work.

If you have valuable content in previous Facebook lives that you did, download them and make them a mini training and offer it as an opt-in don’t waste anything learn to repurpose your content.

You can reuse your social media post as a slide deck to do training. 

Content buckets are very useful when utilized in your business categorize them and pull from each bucket based on the topic you are speaking about.

I love the research tool answer the public I utilize it to learn what is being asked and the different ways that people are askingit and then I will take 3 or 4 questions and pop them into google or ubersuggest to see how popular this topic is and then I will create a blog post around the different types of questions asked.

One of my readers named Alicia emailed me and found a helpful guide for those who would like tips on using the platform here’s the link https://www.websiteplanet.com/blog/ultimate-guide-answer-public-go-pro/

thanks Alicia if your reading this blog post I appreciate you sharing that information with my readers.

When I use this platform I can usually come up with 3 to 4 weeks worth of content and I don’t have to struggle each week with what type of content I should be creating.

I hope this sheds some light on what creating content buckets in your business is important, it will keep you organized and you will never run out of content to provide your followers with.


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