How To Explode Your Content Marketing Strategy In 2020 

How to explode your content marketing strategy in 2020 is of great importance if you want to take your content marketing to the next level.

One of the keys to effective content marketing is to insure you are maximizing your efforts and taking the time to do your research and read your data.

An effective content marketing strategy requires a plan and commitment to see real results, it takes time to measure what strategies are working and what needs to be tweaked or changed all together.

If you are new social media marketing and you have no audience or email list, then you have no data to refer to, so you have to do your research before jumping into the sea of social media marketing and putting out content that will not convert your followers into your free or paid offers.

Have A Plan In Place

Avoid just signing up for a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account and posting or tweeting without a plan in place. 

This is a mistake I made early in my business posting with no plan or strategy in place and I was left frustrated and overwhelmed and wasted resources on courses that promised to help me make 5k when I had not made 1k yet.

There is a progression that needs to happen  in your business overtime. There are many entrepreneurs who want their content to go viral but are not prepared for the exposure once it gets there, in the music industry they call that a one hit wonder and you don’t want that to happen to you.

They key is to take your time and know with each goal or objective there are tactics and strategies that need to be in place.

A business owner whose objective  to make $5million in the first quarter, their process and execution is totally different from someone who is trying to make 1k 5k or 6k in their 1st quarter.

There is no easy way to achieve your dreams, you have to roll up your sleeves and get ready to put in the hard work. Stop allowing someone’s success to make you anxious that your not seeing progress.

You have no idea how long it took them to get them there, your seeing their highlight reel (a term one of my podcast guests used) of what they want you to see, and you surely don’t know how much money they’ve lost to make that claim.

Now that I’ve laid the foundation lets get into the nuts and bolts of what you need to focus on.

Questions You Need To Answer Before Creating Content

  • What’s your main objective for your social media content strategy?
  • Who is your content for?
  • What solution does it solve for your target customer?
  • What platforms are your target customers on?
  • What type of content does your target customer like to consume? (video, podcasts, blog posts, PDF)
  • What platform does your target audience go to for solutions to their problems?

There are many communities within the various social media sites. Find out exactly which ones your customers prefer and commit to research what questions they are asking and now you have a basis for your content development.

Platforms To Research

1. Quora

2. Reddit

3. Blurtit 

4. Google Surveys

Utilize the above links to do research on your tarket market, creating content without knowing what their problem is a recipe for disaster.

Content Marketing Strategy 

What’s involved in a content marketing strategy? 

  1. Knowing Who Your Target Customer is.
  2. Creating solutions in the form of content free & paid content (video, podcasts, ebook, challenge…)
  3. Calling them to take action on your offers to bring them into your sales funnel.
  4. Optimizing your content for SEO (search engine optimization)
  5. Knowing the objections they may have and addressing them in your content, and customer service policies. 
  6. Refer to your data, when you publish your content to gather information on what content is gaining more engagement.
  7. Your content marketing connects your followers to your brand so make sure it’s quality content.

Know Why You Are Creating Content

When creating your content marketing strategy, SEO is a big part of ensuring that your content is getting organic traffic as you continue to grow your list and build your followers. 

However with all the SEO tools that are available for you to conduct keyword searches, what can hurt your content strategy, is your content is now geared toward becoming keyword focused instead of focusing on the pain points as well as the solutions of your target audience.

I’m not saying don’t do keyword searches, because it is an important component, however don’t allow it to weigh down your content where your content is keyword saturated instead of giving value to your target customer in the form of solutions.

Your goal in creating quality content is to take your followers on a journey leading them to receive results from your free as well as paid content.

SEO Tools

Here is a great resource tool for SEO https://neilpatel.com/ubersuggest/

I put in the key words social media and the results below will show you how valuable this tool is.

This shows the number of searches for this keyword, however just because a keyword receives a high search volume doesn’t mean the link gets clicked on.

This is important because you don’t want to optimize your content for keywords that don’t get clicked on.

And you don’t want to use keywords where there is a lot of competition to rank for that keyword.

This graph shows how steady these key words have performed over a period of time on desk top and mobile.

Here is the gold. This search which has a colored coded system, shows you how many people are clicking on the links for those keywords and how many people didn’t click the links and how many people paid for ads. 

The next search is the age group of the people searching for those key terms, this helps you to identity the age range of those in your target market. This is key information when you are creating ads, you can target the age group in your ads.

Creating quality content that engages your audience takes time and patience and when you begin to put out quality content your audience will not only thank you but they will share it with others.

This can open doors for you to  receive opportunities to write guest posts for other entrepreneurs which could turn into speaking engagements.

Stay Well Informed 

Go the extra mile subscribe to the latest industry news to give fresh content to your audience, read books on your industry, go to conferences that will give you the edge above others, and you’ll become the resource they can rely on for great content.

Download your content strategy workbook below and begin crafting your content marketing strategy now!


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