Why Entrepreneurs Struggle With Creating Content

Today’s topic is three reasons why entrepreneurs struggle with creating content. Now this is a continuation of last week’s tips I gave you three, and those tips were in the area of content creation as well. 

What I talked about was goal setting knowing your goals and objectives brainstorming meaning you have to brainstorm in order to pull out ideas to make sure that your content is hitting its mark and questions that you need to ask yourself in the midst of creating content. So if you missed that video it’s going to be linked up here, and that way you can go and you can get those tips so this way, it will just be a flow of the information that I’m giving you.

So let’s get into today’s topic of the three reasons why entrepreneurs struggle with creating content for their target audience. 


The first thing is research when you are coming into an online space you have to research because if not, you will get lost in the vanity metrics you’ll get lost in trying to perform at the level somebody else’s performing. 

If you have not laid your foundation that is so important as an entrepreneur, you have to know who your product or service is for. It’s no longer about I’ll sell to anybody who wants it because no one has a marketing budget that big and even large companies who do put out millions of dollars for their marketing, they’re only specifically honing in to one specific target audience and that is who they’ve done the research on. 

So you need to work backwards with that, I would say, who is the product for that you are creating and I’ll give you a couple examples, for instance, when you look at subscription models like Netflix, Hulu, HBO & Stars, they are subscription models and what do they is they provide entertainment at a monthly fee. 

Netflix already knows who their target audience is. And so they put out programming that you want to see and if you know that your favorite show is going to be on Netflix, that it’s going to be a no brainer to join Netflix, because that show is not going to pop up on any other network because Netflix has bought the rights for it to appear on their platform, so they know exactly who their target audience is. 


Netflix’s puts out programming that you want to see and if you know that your favorite show is going to be on Netflix, that it’s going to be a no brainer to join Netflix, because that show is not going to pop up on any other network because Netflix has bought the rights for it to appear on their platform, so they know exactly who their target audience is. 

So that’s the same thing with you. You have to know who it is that you’re speaking to. And when you are creating something, you have to know I’m creating this with the mindset. 

* Is it for moms? 

* Is it for single women 

Let me give you another example of gym memberships when you look at a gym memberships there are, weight loss plans you see Weight Watchers and all these different types of businesses that help you get into shape now they’re all in the industry of getting fit from a gym membership to Weight Watchers, and maybe a meal plan and now they have this new thing called the Mirror where you can basically get this mirror and it offers various levels of training.

You can even have a personal trainer to train you in your own home because with us living in a pandemic. This product is strategically designed for those who still want to get a workout to have a coach or trainer or join certain classes, without having to go out of their home.  

They had to perform research for who their target customer is and this product/service is not cheap, however they’ve done the research and they know that they have a market who will pay that price point. 

When you create your messaging and your headlines, or go to post on your social media platforms, you know exactly who it is that you’re speaking to. Because if you’re just putting out messages, download my free training guide or join and sign up for this course but you’re not specifically saying who it’s for, then it’s gonna fall flat because people don’t have the time to sit there and figure out what you’re trying to say to them, 

I’ll give you one more example because I want to give you an example so you understand, and it will help you to do that deep dive when you are doing your research. 

Now let’s look at another business like Amazon. Why do you become an Amazon Prime member? I mean you could go the route of having your package shipped regular mail or UPS, but you join Amazon Prime because either you want the ability to get your product in your hand at a quicker time, sometimes the next day. So that’s the reason why you do it for convenience.

With your Prime membership you get movies on demand and other incentives that are of value they pack into your Prime membership. 

So this is what you need to be examining when you are looking at other businesses when it comes to creating content. 

* Who is it for?

* How will it help them? 

* What solution will it provide?

In the example of Netflix, it’s not so much a pain point, but the example there is maybe somebody just wants to wind down they don’t want to think about what’s going on in their world they just want to kind of zone out, so they’ll go in there watch something on demand. It is still meeting a need. It is bringing them into a space where they can feel some sense of normalcy through watching their favorite show.


 Now the next thing is to study your competitors because I believe your competitors can tell you a lot about what it is that you can provide that they’re not providing. So if you look at it in the place of..

What is my competition offering that I can basically go above and beyond?

* What is it that they’re not offering? 

* How is their customer service? 

Go and see some of the reviews, you want to see certain gaps that they may have in their service or maybe certain things they’re not offering. So now you can come in and you can fill that gap, you can be very strategic to provide something that your competitor is not providing. 

let me give you an example, let’s say you are a design company, and you offer design,  a specific type of design, but you have a competitor, that offers a similar design as well.

You’re both in the industry of interior design, but maybe your design is a little bit more unique because you know your target audience loves a certain type of style

Now let me just give you some types of design styles, there were so many, I was not aware of this amount of design styles.

Besides the examples above you have design styles that range from.

  • Traditional
  • Modern
  • Eclectic
  • Minimalist
  • Mid Century Modern
  • Bohemian

And the list goes on, my point is although there are many interior design companies, each company focuses on a specific design style that their target market loves.

Your goal is to find the market for the product or service you’ve created or find an unfilled need in the market and create the product for that.

Often times entrepreneurs go overboard with giving their potential customers too many choices which overwhelms them and they end up not making a decision.

Focus on one thing at a time, then bring add on services or products as upsells to lengthen the life of your customer’s cycle.



A key componet which many entrepreneur gloss over is meauring and testing their content strategy.

You can have amazing content, however if its not presented in a way that catches your followers attention will you just 86 it or find creative ways to present your content.

This is where measuring comes in and your social media content strategy, most platforms have insights for you to see what content is performing better.

You have to do a serious of testing.

1. Is this photo eye catching?

2. Does the photo relate the message I am trying relay?

3. Does the headline/caption speak to who the content is for?

4. Are you posting during the times your followers are online?

Reviewing your analytics on a weekly basis will give you clues how to revise your strategy, don’t give up just because a post hasn’t gained likes are comments sometimes it’s as simple as reposting that post at a later date.

If you have a website you should have google analytics on your website and the facebook pixel.

The importance of driving people to your website is to keep them there consuming your content.

switch up your formats use audio and video to keep your audience on your website for longer periods of time.

This will cause your bounce rates to be lower, when you provide a mix of content it serves your followers who like to read, view your video or audio content.

The key is to provide content your audience needs this will keep them coming back as well as sharing your content with others.

Utilize tools like Microsoft OneNote to create meeting notes and map out your social media marketing strategy.

Don’t let the word strategy cause you anxitey a strategy is simple a plan of tasks that you are implementing to bring you to an end goal.

If you plan is to meet a goal of 5k in sales with a specific quarter, then your stratgey will consist of some key factors to determine if that goal is attainable within that specific time frame.

The key factors that you need to determine before you make that a goal is.

1. Do I have an engaged email list of subscribers (meaning your open rates are steady)

2. Do I have the budget for ads to reach new people into my offers? (you can go the organic route, however you still need a plan)

3. Do I have all the resources needed for the campagin I am creating to meet my money goal?

4. Will I be able to deliver the product or service in a timely manner?

5. Do I need a team or should I collaborate with someone to bring me before a wider audience.

There is no one strategy fits all business because each business comes with different components so each outcome will be different.

I hoped this has given you some insight as the reasons why you could be struggling in this area.

Stay tuned I’m not finished with this topic and I want to equip you to go deeper and bring an awesome experience to those you serve with your products and services.

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