Greetings Entrepreneurs, today’s topic is around having a mindset shift in your business, and why it is important that you have one.

When you’re first starting out as an entrepreneur sometimes you are bright eyed and bushy tailed, you have all of this passion and energy and you want to just just dive out there in the entrepreneurial land, and most of the time you don’t have a plan. 

You don’t have a strategy, and your mindset is not in the place it should be in growing a business, and the reason why I’m pointing this issue out in this topic is because this is something that I struggled with in the beginning of becoming a digital marketer.

As far as I can remember, when I was little, you know, how you see on tv the kids with the lemonade stand that was me and various items I was trying to sell.  (not me in the picture, but you get the point)

When I became older I started doing gift baskets and then I went into event planning, and then I opened up a nonprofit so I believe that I always had that entrepreneurial spark within me.

However when it came to the digital space, that’s where the challenges began, the platform was a new way to offer your products/services and you had to know who your market was if you are going to make an impact.

Becoming an entrepreneur isn’t an easy task there are many challenges that you will face and the first thing to overcome are any limiting beliefs that you may have, so you can move forward in your business.

I know that may be easier said than done because most often you may not be aware of the limiting beliefs or mindset issues that can be hindering you from achieving your goals and in most situations they may show up as.

  1. Procrastination
  2. Perfectionism
  3. I’m too old
  4. I’m a woman with no formal education
  5. I’m a single parent
  6. I will never make enough to have a good life

All of these labels and phrases show up as mindset issues and when you mix that with starting a business venture get ready for the lies and limiting beliefs to show up big time.

Are you subconsciously replaying tapes of someone who told you that you were not worthy to have a great life? Maybe it was a family member, sibling, parent, spouse or friend.

Maybe  it was a boss or teacher that instilled those limiting beliefs that forged a stronghold of a mindset that keeps you stuck in a continuous cycle.

Entrepreneurship will definitely address those issues because you will begin to notice that you are doing the same things with little to no results and the question you must ask yourself is, what lies am I believing about myself when it comes to growing my business.

This will be a tremendous help when you can identify early in your business what is the belief system that you have relied on all your life, for this is the foundation that you will have to pull from in every situation in life.

If your foundation is not strong or stable it is time to build a new one. You are becoming a leader in your space, and it is very proactive that you do that deep dive to understand your mindset as you go into business.

Your business will basically show who you are. It will show your apprehensions, it will show basically your fears, it will show things that you didn’t know about yourself.

Often times we have a need for someone to like us, we have a need for someone to approve of us or to affirm us and not to say that that is a bad thing, however you must know your why,  and stick to it in your business, what drives you, motivates you and inspires you?

I recently put up a post on my Instagram page Savvy_Preneur  I put up a post and it was about a money line, and it started from $2,000 up to a million dollars with increments within it.


For each dollar amount that an entrepreneur is trying to reach there comes a mindset shift that has to occur. The mindset of a millionaire is so different from the mindset of somebody who’s just trying to make 5k a month.

As you climb up that money ladder you are trying to meet certain money goals. There is going to have to be a mindset shift that is going to have to happen within your life.

When I started in this space because I was one who was trying to go the free route, I was oh well no, I’m not going to pay for this coach or I’m not going to buy your course I’m just going to go YouTube and Google it out until I figure it out.

But the thing that I realized, there was always a disconnect, I wasn’t clear on a lot of things.

I wasn’t clear on my audience, I wasn’t clear on who I served, why I served them, I was just thinking okay well I have knowledge around this topic  I’m just going to put out information that I know that they all need.

However I was not thinking about what information do they really need, what blog posts do I really need to be talking about. What issue is my audience having and how can I address that solution for them within my content.

So when I came to that conclusion and to sometimes when you come to a conclusion it’s not just the light bulb moment, it is sometimes a place of desperation where you’re ready to give up you’re ready to throw in the towel because you’re realizing that your efforts of continually posting on social media, not getting any feedback not getting any type of, likes, shares, comments and even better conversions.

So at some point you have to wonder, what am I doing wrong , what is going on within my business or myself that I need to address.

So that’s when I had to take a step back and really understand where I am going in my business. I love entrepreneurship. I love everything about it. I’ve always wanted to work for myself.

Having bosses that were overbearing to down right frightful had me in the mindset when the weekend came I would be excited but couldn’t fully enjoy it because I was obsessing over the dreaded Monday from hell workweek.

I’m sorry that is not living, that’s torture and I didn’t want to live that life anymore, so I made a decision and a commitment that no matter the challenges I face in my business it’s no where nearly in comparison to the dread I experienced working for a company that has no loyalty or incentives for it’s employees.

So, I knew entrepreneurship was for me and if I wanted to make it work if I wanted to basically reap the rewards of what I want out of it, then I had to get serious and really commit to understanding who I am as an entrepreneur understanding what are the things that were holding me back.

When it comes to shifting your mindset there’s a number of things that might have to happen, because some things that I hear entrepreneurs say (like myself in the beginning)

I’m not going to purchase anything on that webinar. I’m just going to take the free information to get the concept?

I’m not going to join that membership. I am just going to take the free challenge and do it myself from there.

Newsflash can you get a win from some of those things (ABSOLUTELY) however my point is this if I know the program, course, mastermind is something I need in my business that will get me the results/conversions/customers/sales then wouldn’t it be a no brainer to purchase it?

This is where mindset issues and limiting beliefs kick in something that may take you 6-8mths to get to 50 grand based on doing it yourself which could take an additional 2-3 yrs because you don’t have the framework, system or strategy to know how to implement it.

I do believe there does come a time in your entrepreneur journey where you may not need to purchase a course or mastermind, because there may just be one piece or component missing and you can find that info via a podcast or even a book and that’s assessing the needs of your business then just purchasing another shiny object that you may never use.

I thought that me putting out a sizable amount of money that I would never have spent before this revelation came to me was like, I’m not spending that money on that person are you kidding me like no way, I’m gonna find the answers myself.

But again, there came that disconnect and sometimes you have to understand that when you’re in business you’re paying for someone who went through the education you’re paying for someone’s knowledge who went through the trials and error, of what they had to go through in order to get to the answer.

Now, does that mean that them helping or coaching you is just going to get you to million dollar status overnight, absolutely not.

Every business is different but what happens is they can help you to see the roadblocks they can help you to understand what things you don’t need to be doing what things you need to focus more on, and with any business. it comes with testing, it comes with knowing who your customer is.

In my last podcast I mentioned how my son’s girlfriend was saying to me she’s starting this business and she has key chains.

I asked her who are the key chains for, and she said for anybody, everyone has keys and needs a key chain.

I told her that’s not true and I used an example of me being a coffee lover and letting her know what would attract me to make a purchase if you had cute coffee cups and coffee phrases that would attract me more than a random key chain.

I believe that was her lightbulb moment. Just because you have a product, or a service and you think, oh, anybody can use this, but it doesn’t mean that it’s for that specific person.

So that’s where the mindset shift has to come in, get clear on who your audience is, and for some entrepreneurs. That’s where the disconnect comes in because they don’t want to do the deep work they don’t want to do the research.

They just want this pretty shiny website with all the bells and whistles, but let me say this as a website designer myself, your website still has to speak to the person who it serves, your website still has to basically have a message on there, of who you’re talking to.

That’s just like for instance if you’re in the room with five people and you are talking on a topic about wine, but only one person in there is a wine lover,  you may not know who that person is in the group who’s a wine lover so you’re talking to the other four people and they’re just looking at you like they have no interest in what you’re saying.

You have to identify who the person you are talking to and the same goes in the social media space. Who’s the person that is going to gravitate toward your message, who is the person that’s going to hear you, how are you going to get clear on providing that information for them.

So, again mindset is very important because if you have a dollar amount that you are trying to reach within your business, then it’s going to take a plan. It’s going to take a strategy, it’s going to take testing, and it’s going to take you doing a deep dive.

Investing In Your Business

Determine the level of investment you’re willing to make. Either you’re going to make an investment of…

  1. Time (research)
  2. Money (ads, paid traffic)
  3. Resources (Coach, Mastermind, Tools, Software, Course)

What investments do you need to make in your business so there’s not a disconnect, even if you are a solopreneur It doesn’t mean that you still can’t get the job done, you may just need certain tools in your business to free up time so you’re not manually doing everything.

Don’t try the duct tape method it will just further frustrate you and bring overwhelm. As an entrepreneur what you need is clarity in your business and that’s what I am here to provide be it in the form of free content or my paid offers.

You determine the level of commitment and investment you are willing to make to see your business go to the next level.

The Entrepreneurs Roadmap

There’s a GPS For Your Car and Your Phone

Do You Have A Roadmap For Your Business?


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